Hola ladies! We’re gonna spill the beans on some makeup essentials that we believe you should all have if you’re in your 20s. Not that you “need” to apply makeup but if you’re into makeup and like to dabble here and there, we’ve got you! Once you enter your 20s, self-care becomes more and more important. So these makeup essentials items will be your saviors. 

Whether you’re a young lady entering your 20s and grasping the know-hows of makeup or an adult in her late 20s all caught up, these essentials will be your go-to for a quick fix.

Check Out These Makeup Essentials And Pack ‘Em In Your Go-To Kit Right Away-

1. Moisturizer

Ladies, we cannot stress this enough that moisturizing is the key to healthy glowing skin. You must always keep a hydrating moisturizer by your side, to avoid dry and flaky skin. Especially if you’re someone who does not keep up with their water intake. Your face does not deserve to bear the wrath of dry weather and dehydration. 

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2. Concealer

If you hate it when a pimple or a scar just shows up as an uninvited guest just when you need your skin to look flawless, concealer is your best friend. We’ve all been there! The day you want to look your best, whether it’s a date, a function, or a performance, your worst enemy, i.e., a pimple pops out of nowhere. And all we want to do at that moment is to wave a magic wand and vanish it away. While a magic wand might not be available, a concealer is. Just dab a little bit of concealer on the affected area and voila! 

Makeup Essentials

The Makeup MD

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3. Mascara

Eye makeup is one thing that’s hard to master. From winger eyeliner to smoky eye makeup, there are so many magical eye makeovers that some of us struggle with. But a great and easy way to enhance your eyes is to just apply mascara. Mascara helps elongate the lashes which give a very bewitching look to the eyes. And also makes you look more fresh and upbeat. So, we suggest you keep waterproof mascara close to you.

Mascara eye makeup

Makeup By Fateh

4. Lip Gloss

A lip gloss is a very chic piece of makeup essential that gives more by doing less. A simple lip gloss not only moisturizes your lips but also gives them a fuller look. You can keep a basic tint in your essential kit that suits your skin tone. 

lip gloss makeup essentials

Makeup By Shagun

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5. Compact

Whether you’re an office goer or even a college student, a compact will always have your nack. A compact basically contains a mirror and a base powder that works as a foundation. It’s great for those who hate applying creams or have oily skin. Your best shot at a quick fix.

compact mirror

Camera Wale Baraati

6. Kajal/Eye-Liner

All the desi girls know what impact a kajal can make on your glam look. It instantly takes your look to the next level. You don’t even need a kajal applying session, it is somewhat inherited in our genes. So for those who like a subtle makeup look, a kajal will be your best friend.

bridal eye liner makeup

I Alam Photography

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7. Blush

Who doesn’t love to have those rosy cheeks, ladies? We all want our cheeks to have that glowy and rosy touch naturally. But for those of us who aren’t blessed with that natural rosiness, blush will be there for you. The great thing about blush is that it keeps your look fresh and peppy. While you might feel tired by the end of your work shift, the blush will keep your look as fresh as ever.

bridal makeup

Israni Photography

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8. Sunscreen

We’re here to tell you this for once and for all that you shouldn’t skip wearing sunscreen, even if it isn’t sunny outside. The UV rays are harmful to your skin, which causes aging and even skin cancer. And dermatologists have confirmed that sunscreen acts as a shield from not only the sun but from the harmful UV rays as well. So never skip on sunscreen, ladies!

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That’s all we had for y’all. We hope it was helpful and informative. Most importantly you need to eat well and hydrate yourself timely. Keep glowing!

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