In the age and era of intimate weddings, long table seating ideas deserve all the attention. Long tables not only look whimsical but sets the mood right for a fun soiree. We are absolutely crushing over these long table setting ideas for weddings. You can ask your wedding decorator to use foliage, candles, flowers or fairy lights to create the perfect and most magical table setting for you. 

Bookmark These Show Stopper Long Table Setting Ideas For Your Fancy Wedding Festivities-

1. Rustic Long Table Setting Ideas 

If you’re looking for some rustic table setting ideas for wedding, then bulbs can create that magic for you. They have always been in vogue and the top most choice for a dreamy set up.

table setting ideas for wedding

Image Source- Atisuto Events

How stunning this long table ambience looks with tree barks, foliage and bulbs on the ceiling. 

table setting ideas

Image Source- Atisuto Events

2. Minimal Long Table Decor Ideas

In the era of intimate weddings, a simple and minimal table setting with some flowers or some quirky elements is all you need.

What a chic set up with pillows and few flowers. 

long table decor ideas

Image Source- Devika Narain & Co.

simple table decor

Image Source- Devika Narain & Co.

Don’t miss out on unique and gorgeous home decor ideas for small weddings.

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3. Radiant Roses For Your Wedding Table

Blooming roses depict love like nothing else, they are just perfect for any day or night wedding functions. 

Well this table decor with roses and candles will definitely impress your guests, truly eye pleasing.

long table decor

Image Source- Altair Decor

Swooning over this dainty table setting for a day wedding with different shades of pink roses and some white florals and feathers.

roses table decor

Image Source- Altair Decor

4. OTT Table Setting Ideas For Wedding

The charm of vintage elements like chandeliers and suspended ceiling decor is unmatchable; they are old school yet timeless.

A wonderland like table decor with huge chandeliers, pastel flowers, candles and foliage.

wedding table decor

Image Source- Altair Decor

How whimsical this table looks with suspended cages on the top and cages on the table for candles. 

table decor ideas

Image Source- Altair Decor

Taking the winter wedding theme quite seriously with table decor too! Absolutely loving those christmas glass globes and snowflakes over ferns. 

winter table decor

Image Source- Atisuto Events

In case you’re looking for vintage wedding decor ideas for an exquisite affair.

5. Dreamy Drapes And Foliage

The union of drapes and foliage with few florals has been quite popular. This combination goes well even for day weddings and night parties. Don’t you think so too?

drapes table decor

Image Source- Devika Narain & Co.

long table setting ideas

Image Source- Tanvi & Co.

6. Flawless Florals And Foliage 

What are Indian weddings without flowers? The bright and vibrant flowers along with foliage for a table setting completes creates the perfect amount of drama. 

This one is just WOW with colourful lamps, foliage and floral arrangements.

floral table decor

Image Source- Altair Decor

Imagine sitting under this magical decor with starry sky like decor and flowers and foliage arrangements.

floral wedding table decor

Image Source- Devika Narain & Co.

wedding table

Image Source- Devika Narain & Co.

Save these long table setting ideas which were every bit gorgeous and stunning in their own way. 

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