Latkans may not be the most crucial part of your lehenga but many latkan designs are fun and quirky enough, to turn many heads. The pretty tassels can add unique details to your wedding outfits and are also easy to customize. From little beaded tassels to big statement tassels, you’ve got lots to choose from. You can even get designer latkans for your wedding lehengas.

Check Out These Fun & Quirky Latkan Designs You Can Add To Your Wedding Attire-

1. Beautiful & Unique Latkan Designs For Your Blouse

A blouse is a very easy and customizable piece of clothing and adding a latkan to your blouse will only elevate the look of your stunning OOTD. You can add any kind of latkan that suits your taste, from little beads for a minimal look to customized name-patches, everything goes.

Beaded blouse latkan design

Israni Photography

Personalized Latkan designs

Kirandeep Photography

Dreamcatcher mirrored blouse latkan

Abhinav Mishra

Bridal Latkan Designs

White Valley

Tassel latkans on blouse


Pom-pom balls for latkans

Tassel House

Have a look at these stunning blouse designs for your winter wedding look inspiration.

2. Go For Contrasting Colors For Your Tassels

Mismatched and contrasting bridal latkan designs can be fun when done rightly. You can contrast your latkans with an odd color that compliments your outfit colors. Or you can simply go with pastels.

Contrast color latkan designs

Avni Kapur

Minimal contrast latkan design

Chamkeeli By Antra Goswami

Contrasting Pastel Latkan design

Gazal Gupta Couture

Mismatched Latkan designs

Morvi Images

Red bridal lehenga with contrast latkans

Kartik Bhagat

Do check out these contrasting dupattas for bridal lehengas.

3. Pastel & Magical Latkans 

The very trendy pastel hues are a great choice of color to incorporate into your wedding trousseau. You can choose from different sizes of latkans that you like and match your tassels with your pastel-colored outfits. It could be simple furry tassels or cute dreamcatcher style latkans.

Matching Lehenga Latkan designs

Jayanti Reddy

Matching Pastel Latkan

Gurjeet Kaur Bassi

Matching Latkan Designs

Dhanika Choksi Photography

Steal inspirations from these gorgeous pastel lehengas and exciting ways you can personalize latkans.

4. Embellished Latkan Designs 

If you’re all about the bling, then your latkans shall reflect that trait. The fact that latkans are customizable makes us jump up with happiness because our brides can happily reflect their style in little details of their outfits. From sequined latkans to jeweled ones, we love ‘em all.

Matching Latkan Designs

JSK Photography

Sequin embroidered latkan design

Brides of Sattaj Kaur

You cannot miss this pin-worthy personalized wedding lehenga.

5. OTT Latkans, FTW!

As we mentioned, latkans are so easy to customize so if you’re the kind of bride who likes heavy and OTT detailings, then why not? Your lehenga latkan designs can also look chunky and pretty at the same time. 

Heavy OTT latkan design

Yogi Patel

Which latkan design would you opt for? If you’ve got some more unique and fun latkan designs do share them with us.

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