If a romantic pre-wedding shoot at Taj Mahal has been your dream since forever, then surely this is all that you need to keep in mind. While we all know that Taj Mahal is a true symbol of love and what could be a better place to have your pre-wedding shoot at and start your journey by getting inspired by the most memorable and lovely couple of all time. The Taj Mahal which literally means “Crown of the Palace” has the quality that can beat all the other mausoleums.

The Taj Mahal was commissioned by the Emperor of Mughals, Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his beloved and favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

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Well, with beautiful lush gardens and scenic views you generally don’t require many add-ons. After all, shooting amidst one of the wonders of the world has its own perks. What else would be a magical wedding shoot destination than that? It is a dream of every wedding couple to do a pre-wedding shoot at Taj Mahal. Isn’t it?

Check out these mind blowing pictures of couples who had their dreamy and magical pre-wedding shoot here –

Pre-Wedding Shoot At Taj Mahal

Image Source: Bala G

agra pre-wedding shoot

In case you want to know how much a pre-wedding shoot really costs?

Sunrise or Sunset Shoot At Taj Mahal?

The biggest reason to go for a sunrise shoot is that the crowds are about 1/3 of what you will experience during the day and thus better photo opportunities. Sunset also has less crowds as people linger at the end of the day, also a good time for photos but it is obviously a bit more crowded.

Pre-Wedding Shoot ideas

Image Source: Think Tank Pictures

pre-wedding shoot ideas

Image Source: Polamadic

Get your hands on these gorgeous pre-wedding dresses for your memorable shoot.

Permissions For Pre-Wedding Shoot At The Monument?

Consult your photographer and proper permissions should be taken for your pre-wedding shoot at Taj Mahal. Keep in mind that the monument is open everyday except Fridays since it is only accessible to Muslims for afternoon prayers.

wedding photography

Image Source: Ombre By HJ

Pre-Wedding Shoot At Taj Mahal

Image Source: Weddingrams

Don’t forget to check out more such surreal pre wedding shoots for inspirations.

Best Months To Visit For The Shoot?

The best time to visit Taj Mahal is the winter season, ranging from October to February except January, as you can easily and soothingly complete your pre wedding shoot and can explore the other beautiful sites in Agra too. You can also visit the official website of Taj Mahal for more details.

romantic pre-wedding shoot

Image Source: Amour Films

pre-wedding ideas

Image Source: Galaxies Photography

So, if you want to plan a magical pre wedding shoot at Taj Mahal to be pretty much alive in your memories, well don’t look beyond as we are right here to make your dream shoot a reality. We bet your photos will turn out to be gorgeous and you will be creating memories that you will cherish forever.

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