Ranveer Singh is not only a powerhouse of talent and energy, he is a living legend. He is surely an inspiration for all and these super Ranveer Singh songs are just perfect for the groom squad to set the dance stage on fire. What could be better than these insane and absolutely crazy Ranveer Singh songs for the groom and groomsmen to perform on sangeet. 

You must bookmark each and every Ranveer Singh song listed below for the most dhamakedaar groom squad sangeet performance. We bet all eyes will be on you for this amazing song selection. And well, who isn’t a fan of this hottie? Right? 

ranveer singh songs

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Save These Ultimate Ranveer Singh Songs For Your Ultimate Groomsmen Performance At The Sangeet –

1. Tatad Tatad

This song will light up the atmosphere and the energy and positive vibe that it will bring to your function is unimaginable.

2. Khalibali 

Another upbeat song for the groom and his friends to dance on! This Ranveer Singh song will surely set the stage on fire. Don’t you agree?

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3. Malhari

You just have to do the hook step of this trendy song and we assure you that everybody will be tapping their feet with you on this one.

4. Ainvayi Ainvayi

Well, you cannot miss this one. This Ranveer Singh song is just the perfect pick for your sangeet ceremony with just the right beats.

5. Mera Wala Dance

How about this song which will surely tempt all your guests to dance and make your function a LIT one.

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6. Aankh Marrey

Loved the first version of this amazing track? Version 2.0 is finally here to make you groove and take over the dance floor.

The fun level and punk in the performance of the groom squad  is totally unmatched and these Ranveer Singh songs are just apt for it. These peppy and upbeat dance songs are for you and your friends to set the stage on fire. With these amazing upbeat songs, your sangeet ceremony will be a lot more happening and all eyes will be on the groomsmen for these mind blowing performances.

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