Varmala exchange or jaimala exchange has been a tradition in Indian weddings since forever. According to the ritual, the bride and the groom have to put garland around each other’s necks which means that they have accepted each other as husband and wife. Now, couples are trying unique and different ways to make this ceremony more memorable and these ideas will literally blow your mind away.

These couples incorporated some really cool ways for their varmala exchange and we kind of bookmarked them for you. These ideas will make your wedding photographs come out so beautifully and that moment will be in your mind forever. Amp up your jaimala game with these amazing ideas that we spotted for you.

Bookmark These Trending And Different Varmala Exchange Ideas For Couples –

1. Under Some Fireworks

We assure you that it will look absolutely dreamy and magical, exchanging jaimalas under some fireworks.

Varmala Exchange

Image Source: Wedding Krafter

2. Amidst A Gorgeous Flower Shower

How about this one? Makes it such a happy picture, we think this one should be framed.

jaimala ideas

Image Source: White Frog Productions

3. For Those Simple Couples

Don’t want to exchange varmalas in an OTT manner? Well, this couple did it just right and we are loving it.

couple portrait ideas

Image Source: Karan Sidhu Photography

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4. Flowers And Lights – Varmala Exchange Ideas

Make your jaimala memorable under this beautiful setup with some gorgeous floral decor and lights.

couple trends

Image Source: CineLove Productions

5. Totally Loving This One

Not sure if we are swooning over the ceiling decor or the flower shower while the jaimala exchange.

Varmala Exchange

Image Source: Dark Cupcake Productions

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6. In Front Of A Gorgeous Arch

We just cannot take our eyes off this stunning arch and that chandelier just added more charm to their ceremony.

jaimala exchnage

Image Source: Artfoto Studios

7. On A Stage With Cold Pyros

Get all the Bollywood feels just like this couple did and had a grand varmala exchange on a stage in front of those cold pyros.

jaimala exchnage

Image Source: Tales 2 Tell

Another one with the cold pyros and a floral wreath. Don’t you just love how the moment has been beautifully captured?

jaimala ideas

Image Source: The Wedding Files


8. Have Them At The Beach 

We already are huge fans of beach weddings and having your jaimala at the beach just took our breath away. This surely looks so surreal.

Varmala Exchange

Image Source: Lenseyezia Productions

9. On The Shoulders Of The Guests

Well, to add some element of fun and make it memorable, ask your friends to carry you on their shoulders for the exchange of garlands.

wedding rituals

Image Source: Prashant Kumar Photography

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10. How About With The Groom Under The Umbrella?

We have surely seen brides entering under an umbrella. But this groom just changed the stereotype and had his jaimala under an umbrella.

Varmala Exchange

Image Source: Wedding City Nepal

11. Surrounded By Women Holding Diyas

This couple made sure to have it in a royal way and had women holding diyas for them while exchanging their jaimala.

Varmala Exchange

Image Source: The Wedding Story

We hope you have got some inspiration for varmala exchange for your wedding and you are ready to make it even more OTB and unique. Have these incorporated at your wedding and you will surely be the talk of the town. Let us know if you have more suggestions in the comment section below.

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