Coronavirus is now a global epidemic and if you have just got married and looking for safe honeymoon destinations, we have got you sorted. We know how people are canceling their travel plans due to the spread of coronavirus but don’t worry we have researched and looked for places where you can have a perfect time with your bae.


These places that are free from the virus should be bookmarked and spread across. The World Health Organisation maintains that it is still safe to travel. So why not? So all you couple out there, there is absolutely no need to cancel your travel plans as these honeymoon destinations have been marked safe from the deadly virus. It is recommended that you travel to some beach areas because the air is much better there and less chance of getting infected.

Bookmark These Honeymoon Destinations That Are Absolutely Free From Coronavirus –

1. Turkey

The breathtaking landscapes, vibrant markets, glorious attractions, and the exotic baths are just some of the experiences that would totally convince you to embark on a romantic honeymoon in Turkey.

honeymoon destination2. Budapest, Hungary

Hungary is one of the least affected European countries from the coronavirus and it is just the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Budapest, located on the Danube river is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it gives you a little hint of Paris too.

safe from coronavirus3. Wroclaw, Poland, Free From Coronavirus

Wroclaw is one of the most romantic cities in Europe with its architecture, small cafes, walkways and parks. Imagine having the time of your lives at these pretty places with your bae. Forget about Paris and Venice as this is the hottest destination for couples.


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4. Barbados

Barbados is a beautiful and tropical island that resides in the Caribbean and has become a very popular honeymoon destination over the years. It is an exotic location that is absolutely safe from the grip of this deadly virus. This island has gorgeous beaches that you will not want to leave the place.

honeymoon destinations5. Jamaica

Another Caribbean island that is marked safe and is considered safest places to travel to for honeymoon. The palm trees, white beaches  located in the Caribbean sea in Jamaica is one hell of a romantic destination for your honeymoon.

Coronavirus6. Mexico

Yes, the USA has been detected with the virus but thankfully, South America has been marked safe and we think Mexico should be on your list for your honeymoon. It has picturesque beaches where you can enjoy a tropical vacation and also explore the historic cities with good food and great architecture.


Precautions To Take While Travelling

1. Wear Masks All The Time

2. Wash Your Hands Frequently

3. Sneeze Into A Handkerchief Always

4. Use Sanitizers

5. Keep Your Surrounding And Yourself Clean

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Well, there is absolutely no need of getting disappointed and canceling your honeymoon plans. These places have been reported safe from the deadly coronavirus and are absolutely safe to travel to. Just be cautious and you are all set to go. We bet you and your bae will have a great time at these romantic locations and you will not regret taking a vacation to these places.

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