Booking a romantic international honeymoon destination is fairly exciting and simple. However, one of the biggest hassles of planning an international honeymoon destination is getting a visa. While booking tickets to any destination in the world are easy, getting a visa in time is the real challenge. We know it gets really tough to manage visa formalities amidst your wedding preparations and what if you want to surprise your BAE?

There are so many international honeymoon destinations that are beautiful and luxurious and offer visa on arrival, that you may not be aware of. So avoid the stressful task of applying for a visa and bookmark one of these dream destinations that offer visa on arrival facility for Indians.

Fret not, these amazing international honeymoon destinations offer visa on arrival for Indians: 

1. Seychelles

This exotic destination offers beautiful beaches, nature, green mountains and perfect sunsets. Perfect place for honeymooners to chill and relax after their hectic wedding schedule.


Visa On Arrival: Valid up to 30 days

Best Months To Visit Seychelles: October to March, May to September

2. Fiji

This place is located in the heart of South Pacific and if you have sun and sand in your mind, head to Fiji right now. For those adventurous couples, they have snorkeling, golfing, kite surfing and many more activities. Not to miss their nightlife which is beautiful!

International Honeymoon Destinations

Visa On Arrival: Valid up to 4 months

Best Months To Visit Fiji: November to February

3. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is another place which tops the list of honeymoon destinations. It is a budget-friendly location that offers breathtaking views and is perfect for a romantic getaway. Whether you want to try some water sports, wish to have a surreal experience, get pampered with a spa or party all night, you will find everything in one place.

International Honeymoon Destinations

Visa On Arrival : Valid up to 30 days

Best Months To Visit Bali: April to June

4. The Maldives

This place is home to the best beaches in the world and is the most preferred destination worldwide. It’s pretty beaches, blue lagoons have made a special place in everybody’s heart, it surely is like a paradise on earth.


Visa On Arrival: Valid up to 30 days

Best Months To Visit Maldives: November to April

5. Mauritius

For picturesque landscape, luxurious beach resorts, exciting water sports this is the place to be. You will have a lot to explore at this place and if you are a foodie, then get ready for some of the most scrumptious food of your life. Mauritius has a very chill vibe.

International Honeymoon Destinations

Visa On Arrival: Valid up to 90 days

Best Months To Visit Mauritius: April to June & September to December.

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6. Cook Islands

This destination is not known to many people but it is surely heaven on earth. Crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches, warm weather all year round and friendly locals make this place more attractive! 

visa on arrival

Visa On Arrival: Valid up to 30 days

Best Months To Visit Cook Islands: May to August

7. Jamaica

This island is a perfect blend of both romance and adventure and thus makes it an ideal destination for a romantic honeymoon. Its crystal clear waters and pretty beaches make it more exotic and perfect for couples to enjoy their time.

International Honeymoon Destinations

Visa On Arrival: Not required for up to 30 days

Best Months To Visit Jamaica: December to April

8. Kenya

For all nature lovers out there, this honeymoon destination is perfect for you. It is mostly known for its wildlife, exotic safaris and white sand beaches that are just mesmerizing.

honeymoonVisa On Arrival: On payment, valid up to 3 months

Best Months To Visit Kenya: August to October

Here is all that you need to know about Visa on arrival and Visa policy for Kenya.

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9. Dubai

Dubai is a destination that offers a splendid mix of romance, luxury, adventure, and much more. A truly global city filled with skyscrapers, theme parks, shopping malls, and adventure activities of the highest standard. Honeymooners, get ready for some luxurious experience.

International Honeymoon Destinations

Visa On Arrival: Valid up to 14 days

Best Months To Visit Dubai: November to March

10. Cambodia

Peek into the art, culture, and history of the nation and enjoy some scrumptious Khmer food. The awe-inspiring architecture, mystical temples, dazzling nightlife, religion-inspired art, vibrant culture, and the pristine beaches have played an important role in making Cambodia rank among the popular honeymoon hotspots in the world.

honeymoon destination

Visa On Arrival: Valid Up to 30 days

Best Months To Visit Cambodia: November to May

11. Jordan

The exotic places in Jordan, together with plenty of activities and stay options, makes for a wonderful romantic vacay!


Visa On Arrival: Valid up to 2 weeks

Best Months To Visit Jordan: March to May

These are some of the best international honeymoon destinations that offer visa on arrival and are worth visiting once, So where are you planning to take your bae to reduce all the wedding stress? Start prepping now!!

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