Bride getting ready photos are a must click for every bride and why not? Never forget to call your wedding photographer while you are getting ready for your D-day and make sure you get some of the best clicks ever. It is once in a lifetime moment and it shouldn’t be missed at all. You will obviously want to have beautiful memories when you look back.

Bride getting ready photos must always include your bridesmaids and your mother because well, they have been with you throughout your wedding madness and they deserve a special place in your wedding album. Now, we at ShaadiWish have always been a huge fan of these pretty clicks and that is why we have found some of the best for you to take inspiration from.

These Bride Getting Ready Photos Are A Must Click For Every Bride  –

1. While Getting Your Hair Done

How pretty is this bridal shot? We absolutely love her eye makeup though.

Bride Getting Ready Photos

Image Source: Weddings By Knotty Days

In case you are looking for more eye makeup ideas for brides.

2. And This One Surely Got Us Drooling

Just a final touch up before she finally steps for her big day. 

bridal jewellery

Image Source: Shades Photography India

Bridal Makeup Artists

3. Bride Getting Ready Shots That Are Must For Your Wedding Album

One where your makeup artist makes sure that you are perfectly dolled up.

bridal makeup

Image Source: Wedding Trend Photography

Well, a candid shot while you fix your wedding jewellery.

Bride Getting Ready Photos

Image Source: Radhika Pandit

4. The Famous Bridal Veil Shot

Can never get enough of these bridal veil shots and we are sure these will be in trend forever.

bridal veil shots

Image Source: The Wedding Story Official

5. Oh And Wearing Your Heels Shot

Just wearing those gorgeous Cinderella heels and then you are ready to roll.

bridal heels

Image Source: Memoriz

In case you are confused whether to wear flats or heels.

6. Never Without Your Bridesmaids

We absolutely love those shots where the bride is being helped by her bridesmaids and they come out so beautifully.

Bride Getting Ready Photos

And this one where everyone is pampering you for your D-day.

Bride Getting Ready Photos

Image Source: Razz Films And Photography

Save this new trend of mismatched dresses for bridesmaids.

7. That Floral Bun Shot With The Bride’s Back

Bride getting ready photos have always had a special place in our heart and this one where the bride is flaunting her floral bun and her back while fixing her earring is just perfect.

bridal floral bun

Image Source: Beginnings For You

8. How About This One?

We salute the photographer for clicking such a beautiful shot that we cannot take our eyes off it.

bride getting ready

Image Source: MP Singh Photography

9. A Must Click Mother-Daughter Photo

It is a dream for every mother to see her daughter as a bride and this picture where the mother is placing the veil on her daughter has our heart.

mother daughter picture

Image Source: Picture Perfect India

10. The One Where You Literally Get Your Emotions Captured

We are so loving this shot where the bride’s emotions are perfectly captured by the photographer and we cannot stop gazing at it.

Bride Getting Ready Photos

Image Source: Sakshi Malik Studio

11. Who Said Brothers Are Not Welcomed For Bride Getting Ready Photos?

This brother has set some major goals for all the brothers of the bride out there while helping her get ready for her wedding.

brother of the bride

Image Source: Cinelove Productions

12. And Some Funny Shots Too

How cute is this shot of the bride getting ready? We love how she chills in a robe and gets these funny pictures clicked.

wedding lehenga

Image Source: Knotty Days

And this one is too cute. Isn’t it amazing how brides are getting so playful with their shoots?

Bride Getting Ready Photos

Image Source: Infinite Memories

13. Well, You Just Cannot Ignore This One

You must have seen bridesmaids or mothers helping a bride while getting ready. But this bride’s fiance helped her get ready and we are head over heels in love with him.

husband helping wife

Image Source: Reels And Frames

We hope you found your inspiration for the bride getting ready photos and must have bookmarked your favorite one already. Don’t waste much time and ask your photographer too to have a perfect photography session while you get ready. These bridal shots are not to be missed and they will always have a special place in your heart.

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