Mehendi designs have always been of importance to brides and these Arabic mehendi designs will make you fall in love with them. They are so unique and simple and perfect for brides who don’t want their hands to be filled with mehendi. The best part about Arabic mehendi is that it is perfect for every occasion and looks so different than the usual mehendi design.

It is usually drawn diagonally and that is the main signature of an Arabic mehndi design. Well, brides always want something unique for their wedding and these Arabic mehendi designs are the one. These are not very tough to apply too and the designs will make you fall in love with them. So that is why we have picked some of the best designs of Arabic mehndi that are a must-try for every bride.

Bookmark These Arabic Mehendi Designs That Are Just The Perfect Pick For Brides This Wedding Season –

1. Simple Arabic Mehendi Design For Brides.

How stunning is this one with a pretty finger design and jaalis?

Arabic Mehendi Designs

Image Source: Amrita Henna

All the millennial brides will love these minimalistic Mehendi designs.

2. Mehendi Designs That Take Your Breath Away

We absolutely love this Arabic mehndi design with rose and oh so pretty floral motifs all over it.

floral mehendi designs

Image Source: Henna By Divyabridal-mehendi-design

Henna by Naaz

3. Feet Arabic Mehendi Designs

You just cannot take your eyes off this gorgeous peacock Mehendi design. Don’t miss the intricate details on it.

mehendi designs

Image Source: Maria Anam

Another Arabic feet mehndi design that has a kind of boho-chic theme but it looks really simple and pretty.

feet mehendi designs

Image Source: Henna By Payal

Bookmark these stunning bridal feet Mehendi designs.

4. Arabic Mehendi Designs For The Trendsetter Bride

Yes, we know you cannot stop adoring this mehndi too. Well, it has been so nicely done with just on the side of the hand.

Arabic Mehendi Designs

Image Source: Henna By Ameena

This mehndi design with its sheer simplicity has got us swooning.

bridal mehendi designs

Image Source: Fana’s Mehendi

5. Overflowing Arabic Mehendi Design 

The charm of this Mehendi design with these floral motifs is just too good. 

Arabic Mehendi Designs

Image Source: Henna By Krishna

6. Gorgeous Yet Simple One

Don’t you just adore this minimal mehndi design with beautiful leaves on one finger? We think this is perfect for brides who are not fans of mehendi.

minimal mehendi

Image Source: Sara’s Henna

Arabic Mehendi designs are popularly known as ‘bel’ and this one has a typical bel design with flowers on it.

mehndi designs

Image Source: The Henna House By Angela

Don’t miss these unique alternatives to Mehendi designs, this wedding season.

7. A Never Seen Before Mehendi Design

We just love this one with jalli and floral motifs. Isn’t it too pretty that you just cannot stop looking at it.

floral mehndi designs

Image Source: Henna By MK

8. Trails And Chains

Well, there is something about the trail Arabic mehendi design that brings out the elegance in your mehendi.

Arabic Mehendi Designs

Image Source: Pinterest

Did you notice how these chains have made the mehndi design more eye-catchy?

mehendi designs

Image Source: Shazma 20

We’ve got some super trendy and unique Mehendi designs for bridesmaids.

9. Arabic Mehendi Designs For The Trendsetter Brides

These overflowing floral trails with leaves are such a unique mehndi design. This doesn’t even look overcrowded.

Arabic Mehendi Designs

Image Source: Krunal Tailor

Gorgeous yet simple trail Arabic Mehendi design with marigold motifs all over it.

trail mehendi design

This well-detailed Mehendi design looks great. Don’t you think so too?

mehendi ideas for brides

Image Source: Minal Beautyhenna-design

Henna By Maziah

Pin these portrait Mehendi designs, right away.

10. This One Caught Our Attention

Such coordination in mehndi designs is just commendable. We absolutely adore this arabic mehndi design with a similar design on each finger.

Arabic Mehendi Designs

Image Source: Zareen’s Henna

We absolutely adore these Arabic Mehendi designs that are going to be the new trend this wedding season. You will surely fall in love with each of them and we are sure these will look gorgeous. We are sure these unique Mehendi ideas will blow you away and you will surely want them to include all of these at your wedding.

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