Not a fan of mehendi and want to try something unique? Well, these trending and quirky alternatives to mehendi designs are here to make you stand out from others and create a look that no one has ever seen before. When everything related to weddings is taking a twist and turn then why not mehendi designs? 

Let’s ditch the traditional mehendi designs because these unique alternatives to mehendi designs are going to rule 2020 weddings. Trust us, you will have everyone’s attention because of your OTB choice.

Check Out These Unique Alternatives To Mehendi Designs For 2020 Weddings –

1. White Mehendi Designs

How eye catchy is this white henna design with red outlining? It is so different and unique from the traditional henna and we totally love it.

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2. Neon Mehendi

Yes, something like that exists too. How cool would it be to have neon mehendi designs for your cocktail or youngsters? Isn’t that a great idea for those who want something really offbeat at their weddings?

neon mehendi

3. Glitter, Unique Alternatives To Mehendi

Your diamonds won’t be the only thing shining at your wedding because these glitter mehendi designs are ready to steal the show. Trust us, these are some of the best and unique alternatives to mehendi designs that you can incorporate at your wedding.

glitter mehendi

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4. Flash Tattoos Instead Of Mehendi

For those brides who are really not a fan of mehendi and its smell, these flash tattoos are here for your rescue. These are easy to put and remove and won’t even require you to sit for long. Just stick these and you are ready to go.

Unique Alternatives To Mehendi

These flash tattoo hennas are perfect for the wedding season and those who are not a fan of bold mehendi designs, this is surely your pick.

stick on mehendi

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5. Mehendi With Beads

So a fan of this unique mehendi design with beads. It’s like creating your own design with all the craft material. Let’s see how creative you can get.

Unique Alternatives To Mehendi

6. Mehendi Fading Away? No Worries.

Well, we all hate it when mehendi designs start fading but don’t worry they have got this covered too with white henna and glitter ones.

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Henna By: Pavan Henna

We hope you liked these and would want to include these unique alternatives to mehendi designs in your wedding. Well, who does not want to stand out from others? We bet everyone will be amazed and drooling over these and you will surely be the talk of the town.

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