For all budget brides out there, these DIY photo booth ideas have been especially pulled by us for you. Photo booth backdrops are there to add some drama to your wedding ceremony and we bet the pictures that we get are just amazing. If you are looking to save money, these DIY photo booth ideas are the easiest and let’s admit doing all this by yourself would be really fun.

Photo booths can be incorporated in any wedding function and they won’t even cost you a fortune if you follow these DIY ideas. Also, including photo booth decor creates some memorable moments with family and friends. And just imagine what fun would it be to create a photo booth with all your friends and relatives. These are all really very easy and won’t even take much of your time.

These Super Amazing DIY Photo Booth Ideas Should Be Bookmarked Right Away –

1. Simple And Easy To Set Up Photo Booth Ideas

Just a wooden plank that you can take from the waste, a couch (maybe from your home) and some artistic roses is all you need and your photo booth is all set.

DIY Photo Booth ideas

Image Source: The Wedding Planning Company

2. Such Vibrant Photo Booths Are Perfect For A Mehendi Ceremony.

Get loads of kites with bright and golden tassels and hang them. Your DIY photo booth back drop will be ready and would look absolutely gorgeous. Isn’t it too easy?

photo booth ideas

Image Source: The Wedding Minions

3. Champagne Bottles For A DIY Photo Booth.

Isn’t this backdrop just perfect? It looks so cool and you just have to get champagne bottles (don’t throw them after drinking)  and just stick them on the cloth.

backdrop ideas

Image Source: Vogue Luxury Weddings

How about these DIY tips for couple seating for weddings.

4. Fan Of Origami?

Remember when in childhood, we used to love making beautiful things out of paper. Well, this DIY photo booth is just the same with a chair in front of it that you can steal from your home sweet home.

DIY Photo Booth ideas

Image Source: Exquisite Events

5. No Efforts At All.

This photo booth is just too simple. You have to hang bulbs on that wooden sheet and then you just have to get yourself clicked.

DIY Photo Booth ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

In case you are planning to DIY decor for your mehendi ceremony.

6. Just Drapes And Flowers.

And this one where you just have to hang the cloth that you can get it from home or maybe from a tailor and to make it more eye-catchy, stick some bouquets to it.

photo booth ideas

Image Source: Mumu Weddings

7. Perfect For A Beautiful Scenery Like This.

Don’t you just adore this photo booth? Get curtains from your home and some strings and look how beautiful it appears.

DIY Photo Booth ideas

Image Source: Aash Studio

8. Tassels On The Go

Something so pretty like this for a pool party or mehendi ceremony and you can have props too which will make it more quirky. You can easily get tassels from any craft shop.

tassel decor ideas

Image Source: The Wedding Planning Company

9. Oh So Cute

For a welcome dinner, this photo booth is just the perfect option and with our all-time favorite baby breaths around it.

wedding photo booth

Image Source: SM Weddings

10. Cans And Streamers

Time to take out all those birthday decorations and use them for a photo booth decor. We are huge fans of this one. Don’t worry you can use any of the soft drinks can.

streamer decor

Image Source: Vintage Nutters

Another one which is so easy peasy that you just have to hang these on a string with pieces of beads.

DIY Photo Booth ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

11. DIY Photo Booth Ideas

For this one, you might have to take a little bit of help from your gardener and then just hang flower strings to it.

floral decor ideas

Image Source: Altair Decor

12. Paper Umbrellas For A Photo Booth

Oh so colorful, these photo umbrellas are just so unique and you can easily make it with the help of your friends and relatives. Don’t you think so too? Get your colorful umbrellas from any nearby shop or maybe you can ask someone to customize them for you.

umbrella ideas

Image Source: The Wedding Story Official

13. Flower Pots

It would be so much fun to paint these stainless steel buckets and then fill them with beautiful flowers and hang them. We bet you will have an amazing photo booth.

DIY Photo Booth ideas

Image Source: Purple Tree Event Solutions

14. Such A Lovely One

Ribbons and origami flowers make for a perfect photo booth especially if you are a fan of minimalistic decor.

photo booth ideas

Image Source: Rent My Photobooth

Aren’t these DIY photo booth props adorable for your D-day? We hope you loved these DIY photo booth ideas that you can incorporate at any wedding function and yes you might need help but these are very easy and won’t take much of your time. We bet your guests will have a great time clicking photos in front of these unique and amazing photo booths. These are a great way to create memories for a lifetime and cherish them forever. Have any more ideas, do let us know.

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