Every bride is excited when it comes to her bridal dress fittings and you have been waiting for this moment since forever. But let us tell you that with all that excitement, you must not forget that it is the most important dress of your life and that every minute detail should be given proper attention. After all, your bridal dress will have everyone’s attention and it surely needs to make that impact.

We at ShaadiWish understand every bride’s feelings and thus have created a small checklist for all brides-to-be as they go for their bridal dress fittings. We advise you all to keep these things in mind because this moment will not come back and you don’t want to regret later on.

Note These Tips Down Before You Go For Your Bridal Dress Fittings – 

1. Try Your Lehenga With The Same Lingerie As On The Day Of Your Wedding.

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind while you go for your bridal fittings. It will help you see how the lehenga will actually look on you and if it needs any changes, it can easily be spotted. You obviously don’t want surprises for the big day. Make sure to wear the same body shaper that you will be wearing on your wedding.

bridal lehenga

Image Source: White Frog Productions

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2. Check All The Zips Twice.

We all know that zips can be very tricky. You never know when they get stuck and boom, your dress just got ruined. Make sure to check them twice. Not only zips but your hooks and doris too should be on constant check.

3. Try With Your Bridal Footwear.

It is advisable that you carry your bridal footwear during your fittings and it will help you know the exact height of the dress. Make sure you can walk easily in those heels carrying your heavy lehenga. 

Bridal Dress Fittings

Image Source: Weddings By Knotty Days

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4. Sit, Stand And Move In Your Dress.

You will have to get up, greet and stand a lot of times so it is good that you practice before. Be sure that the lehenga is not giving you any kind of difficulties. Make sure you feel 100% comfortable in your bridal dress.

bridal lehenga

Image Source: Isrrani Photography

5. Always Keep Your Trials One Month Before Your D-day.

Remember not to keep your trials way before or too late as you might lose or gain weight as the wedding comes closer. You surely don’t want the dress to be a disaster.

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6. Click Lots Of Pictures And From Every Angle.

Wherever you go for bridal dress fittings, keep in mind to click lots and lots of pictures. This might help you to decide your hairstyle and also how you want to keep your makeup. Also, you might secretly want to obsess over yourself in that pretty dress.

7. Open Communication.

Never hesitate while you are on your trial. Be honest with your designer and let them know if you are not satisfied with anything. You just cannot compromise with your wedding day dress. Hence, communication is important.

8. Drape The Dupattas Too.

Planning on wearing double dupatta? Well, try it on beforehand. See, if it looks good on you and ask the designer to drape it for you. This will also help you get your overall look. Make sure the dupatta isn’t too heavy for your head and you can carry it easily.

Bridal Dress Fittings

Image Source: Razz Films And Photography

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9. Try Your Jewelry With Your Bridal Dress Fittings.

Make sure your jewellery is in sync with your dress and it will surely give you a trailer of how you are going to look on your D-day. Also keep in mind that your jewellery is not getting mixed with lehenga embroidery.

bridal jewellery

Image Source: Infinite Memories

We hope these tips will help you while you go for your bridal dress fittings. Just keep your excitement intact while you go for the trial of your dream dress. Keep on trying until you are not satisfied with it. Happy Wedding.

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