After your princess moment in your dream bridal lehenga, it is very important for you to know the tricks and tips to store your wedding lehenga for eternity. You have spent a huge amount of money on it and your wedding lehenga has a lot of sentimental value to you. The delicate fabric and the intricate embroidery on your wedding lehenga, can get damaged over time if not stored properly. You need to preserve and keep your wedding lehenga with a lot of dedicated care.   

Confused on how to store your wedding lehenga so that the grace never goes and it continues to shine whenever you wear it. Don’t worry, we have listed down some easy tips and tricks for you to save that glorious lehenga for posterity. 

Know All About How To Store Your Wedding Lehenga Here –

1. Check Your Wedding Lehenga Properly Before Storing It.

Make sure that the borders and threads are not ripping off. Scan through the lehenga closely and get it fixed if anything seems odd. Remember to get the finishing done before you put it away because you have no idea when you will be wearing it again.

Store Your Wedding Lehenga

Image Source: James & Schulze

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2. Get It Cleaned Properly

Before you clean your lehenga, please check the care label for instructions. Get it cleaned as per the provided specific instructions. Do not delay this and give your lehenga to the dry cleaners immediately otherwise the stain or marks might become permanent. Dry cleaning prevents your outfit from discoloration and also protects the fabric.

3. Never Store Your Wedding Lehenga In A Closet

Just like you, clothes also need to breathe and therefore, wedding lehenga should never be stored in a closet. Hanging the wedding lehenga is surely not an option because it could lose its shape and become saggy. Always keep it in a box, properly folded.

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4. Folding Your Wedding Lehenga

Helloo, it’s your most precious outfit, you just cannot store it like your daily wear clothes. Your wedding lehenga needs to be folded properly to avoid creases. Remember to place sheets of tissue paper or malmal fabric between the folds so that the embroidery or design is not affected. It is best to wrap your wedding lehenga in malmal fabric and store it in a box befitting the size of the wedding lehenga.  

5. Store Your Wedding Lehenga

It is advised to store the outfit where there is no sunlight and it is in a place that is cool, dry and away from termites. Store the dress in a box that is of good quality and won’t damage the wedding lehenga. Ask your designer or check out some videos before storing your lehenga.

wedding lehenga

Image Source: Cinelove Productions

6. Allow Your Wedding Lehenga To Breathe

Take out your wedding lehenga once in a while and keep it in open air and sunlight. This way, the fabric won’t get spoiled and you can have a little walk down the memory lane. 

Store Your Wedding Lehenga

Image Source: Shutterdown Photography

7. Keep Something To Keep It Fresh And That It Smells Good

We all know that if something is kept locked in for a while, the smell is unbearable. So, you can add some pieces of cloves or cedar oil balls to the box for a pleasant smell and they will also help in preserving the quality of cloth.

8. Transform Your Wedding Lehenga

Many people opt for this and transform their wedding lehenga into a new outfit. This is surely one of the best ways to preserve your wedding lehenga and you will feel like you are wearing it again.

wedding lehenga

Image Source: Isrrani Photography

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We are sure, these will help you store your wedding lehenga in the most perfect way so that it doesn’t lose its essence and whenever you wear it, you shine like a diamond. Make sure you follow these steps while preserving that dreamy outfit of yours.

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