Enough with pre-wedding shoots at exotic locations or near beaches because pre-wedding shoot in Varanasi is the new trend. Such serene and gorgeous locations will make you fall in love with the place. The picturesque locations and ghats of Ganga add more beauty to your pre-wedding pictures. And isn’t it a unique location for a memorable pre-wedding?

Well, it is believed that Buddha founded this breathtaking and beautiful city. As it is the religious hub of Hindus, your family would love if you think of a photoshoot here. Leave the Thames behind because Ganga is the new trend.

We bet that a pre-wedding shoot in Varanasi will give you the best and picture-perfect memories. Have a look at these mesmerizing locations at Varanasi for a beautiful pre-wedding shoot.

Bookmark these locations for a stunning pre-wedding shoot in Varanasi –

1. Alongside The Ghats Of Ganga

When in Varanasi, how can you not have a pre-wedding shoot near the ghats of Ganga river? It is the star of the city and we assure you that your pictures will take everyone’s breath away. Well, what better location than Ganga ghats for your pre-wedding shoot?

pre wedding shoot locations

Image Source: Manav Kumar Photography

2. Assi Ghats

Head to Assi ghat now for some romantic and gorgeous pictures with your BAE. One of the best locations in Varanasi for a pre-wedding shoot. The best time to shoot here is sunrise and sunset as the view is just amazing and the best part is that it is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

pre-wedding shoot in Varanasi

Image Source: Manav Kumar Photography

3. Ganga Mahal Ghats

These are set against the backdrop of a structure that gives the feel of a castle. So, couples who are fond of heritage and want their photoshoot to be royal, this pre-wedding location in Varanasi should be your pick. It also gives a breathtaking view of the Ganga and just imagines how beautiful your pictures will be.

pre wedding in Varanasi

Image Source: Manav Kumar Photography

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4. Sarnath Village For A Pre Wedding Shoot In Varanasi

This gorgeous place is just 10 kilometers away from Varanasi and it has such stunning spots that you will fall in love with it. We advice all the couples planning for a pre-wedding near Varanasi, this place is a must-visit. With royal stupas, your shoot will be a hit. The city is famous for being the first place where Lord Buddha preached for the first time after gaining enlightenment. Imagine having a pre-wedding shoot at such a renowned place.

Pre Wedding Shoot In Varanasi

Image Source: Happy Flashback

5. Ramnagar Fort

Fond of old forts and palaces? Ramnagar is the perfect pre-wedding shoot location for couples who are fond of regal and heritage places. The Mughal Style architecture is what this fort is all about. Pose like Maharaja and Maharani in such royal surroundings for your perfect pre-wedding shoot.

pre wedding

6. Temples In Varanasi

Nobody ever thinks about this, but we thought that having a pre-wedding shoot in a temple is kind of awesome and totally OTB. We all know Varanasi is famous for temples and imagine how unique and classy it would be your pre-wedding in Vishwanath or Durgakund temple. Who would have ever thought of a pre-wedding in a temple?

Temples In Varanasi

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7. Dashashwamedh Ghat

One of the most spectacular ghats in Varanasi near Vishwanath temple, it is the most liveliest and colourful ghat you will ever see. Having a photoshoot here is a must. It is one of the most iconic pre-wedding locations in Varanasi. Your pre-wedding pictures will no look less than images from a Bollywood movie and we advise you to take shots at night as the view is just amazing.

pre wedding locations

Image Source: Manav Kumar photography

So what are you waiting for? These locations in Varanasi are apt for your pre-wedding shoot. Ace up your wedding photography game with these gorgeous locations in Varanasi and have a memorable yet fantastic pre-wedding with your bae.

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