Brides have always been obsessed with kaleeres and these bridal kaleere designs are for brides who want to look OTB. Brides-to-be are leaving no stone unturned to sport the most stunning and unique bridal kaleere. They have completed changed and transformed the traditional bridal kalire to an elaborate and significant piece of jewelry. Brides today are incorporating their love story or engraving their initials to customize their kaleere. Not only that they are also experimenting with tassels, pom-poms to make it look different from others!

Gone are the days when bridal kaleere designs were about the traditional makhane and coconuts. The bridal kaleeres have evolved over time and brides are opting for different kaleere designs to complement their attire! 

Bookmark These Bridal Kaleere Designs For That Glam Look –

1. Mini Kaleeres

Did you imagine that mini kaleeres will be a thing?

Bridal Kaleere Designs

Image Source: Free Rani

2. Sea – Shell Bridal Kaleere Design

For brides who have planned on a beach wedding, these are the perfect choice for you!

sea shell kaleere

Image Source: Outhouse Jewellery

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3. Floral Kaleeres

How unique are these floral kaleeres? So apt for your mehendi or haldi ceremony!

floral kaleere

Image Source: Shreya Sen Photography

Bridal Kaleere Designs

Image Source: Makeup By Anu Makwan

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4. Customized Bridal Kaleere Design!

Have both your initials customized on your kaleeras with these pretty beads!

Bridal Kaleere Designs

Image Source: Abhika Creations

bridal jewellery

Image Source: Abhika Creations

Or like a wedding story! This one is too gorgeous that we can’t stop drooling over it !

Bridal Kaleere Designs

Image Source: Mrinalini Chandra

This bride’s kaleere was a symbol of their love for each other as she had her story engraved.

customised kaleere

Image Source: Mrinalini Chandra

5. One With The Ghungroos!

How pretty are these kaleeres with ghungroo and strings?

Bridal Kaleere Designs

Image Source: Plush Affairs

These signature Golden kaleeras With ghungroo are just perfect for a day wedding ceremony, We are totally loving this Niti taylor wedding kaleeras.

kaleeras ideas

Images Source: The Big Day Story

6. Make It OTB By Having Tassels 

Yes, you can include tassels in your kaleere and not only in your wedding decor 😛

tassel kaleere

Image Source: Devanshi Sethi Designs

7. Loving it, Aren’t You?

This Bridal Kaleere Designs With Balls Is Too Gorgeous!

Bridal Kaleere Designs

Image Source: Color Blind Productions

8. Fusion Of Artificial Flowers And Kaleeres?

Mix your kaleeres with flowers and match them with your attire!

Bridal Kaleere Designs

Image Source: Prune

9. Single Kaleeres For The Minimalist Bride!

For brides who don’t want their look to be OTT, these are your go-to option!

single kaleere

Image Source: Mehar Photography

Bridal Kaleere Designs

Image Source: Bhumi Simran Photography

10. One With The Pom-Pom Balls!

Enhance your kaleeras with these pretty colorful pom-pom balls.

kaleere designs

Image Source: Vows & Tales

11. These Kaleeras With Doli Design Are A Must Have!

Isn’t it a thoughtful idea to have doli for your kaleere?

doli kaleere

Image Source: Ra Abta By Rahul

For her Sikh wedding, Neha Kakkar was seen flaunting doli themed offbeat kaleeras which looked every bit OTB and stylish.

bridal kaleere

Image Source:  Sabyasachi Mukherjee

12. These Bridal Kaleere Designs Are Worth Drooling Over!

Kaleeres with pretty and small paan leaves around is so pretty!

Bridal Kaleere Designs

Image Source: Through The Barrel

Imagine having kaleeres with bells on it? Do something hatke.

Bridal Kaleere Designs

Image Source: Pirohna  By Preksha

Bangle kaleeres with a film love story is so unique!

film story kaleere

Image Source: Ericavirk

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13. Long And Multitired Kaleeras!

This bride’s kaleere is to be adored and they surely stole the show!

Bridal Kaleere Designs

Image Source: Event By The Wedding Galore

Kajal opted to wear customized huge golden kaliras with little pearl droppings by Mrinalini Chandra.

bridal trending kalire

Image Source: Anamika Khanna

Loving how she created kaleeres with flowers and strings!

kaleere ideas

Image Source: Krafterina

We bet you cannot ignore this one and are sure to enhance the bride’s beauty

kalire ideas

Image Source: Badal Raja Company

14. These Kaleeres with bangles and gotta patti are so stylish and something new!

Bridal Kaleere Designs

Image Source: Krafterina

These bridal kaleere designs are a saviour for every bride-to-be and we know that kaleeres are next on your shopping list. Enhance your bridal look with these gorgeous kaleere designs and let them be the center of attraction!

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