A set of bridal kalire is one beautiful accessory that is an essential and integral part of a Punjabi bride’s overall look.

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Significance of Bridal Kalire

Traditionally, the bridal kalire are made of dried coconuts, makhanas (lotus seeds) and nuts, and the bride’s maternal relatives tie those on her bangles. This ceremony signifies the bride’s relatives’ wish for the bride that her new house will never run out of food. Nowadays, this beautiful piece of jewellery is usually made of metal and is symbolic of a prosperous life for the bride.
The ritual of tying the bridal kalire on a bride’s hands is followed by another very interesting ceremony. The bride taps her kalire over the heads of her unmarried bridesmaids. Interestingly, if any part of the bridal kalire falls on a girl’s head, it is believed that she would be the next to get married.

Trending Bridal Kalire Designs
As mentioned earlier, this gorgeous piece of jewellery is gifted to a bride by her maternal relatives. However, a lot of brides these days buy kalire themselves because they want to don a style of their own choice. Yes, the market these days is full of different kalire designs, hence leaving a to-be bride with numerous options. Well, we delved deep into the trending designs that are prevalent in the market right now and have got a comprehensive list ready for you.

Check Out These Gorgeous Bridal Kalire Designs, to get inspired:

1. The Dense Golden Shells And Balls Bridal Kalire

This type of kalire has multiple strands to which a lot of golden shells and balls are attached. The dense golden accessory looks quite rich and adds to the elegance of a bride.
Kalire, Kalire Design

Image Courtesy: The Photo Diary

Kalire, Kalire Design

Image Courtesy: Shutterdown

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2. Tassel l Kalire Design

Yes, there are bridal kalire that have tassels in them and they look super-gorgeous. The best part about choosing this design is that you can opt for the one which has tassels matching your outfit’s colour.
Kalire, Kalire Design

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Image Courtesy: Sandeep Gupta Photography

kaleera designs

Image Courtesy: Piyush Bedi Photography

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3. Floral Kalire

Former Miss India USA Natasha Arora embraced the gorgeous floral bridal kalire at her wedding, and we are sure this trend is going to be a hit this wedding season.
Kalire, Kalire Design, Bridal Jewellery, Indian Brides
Kalire, Kalire Design, Bridal Jewellery, Indian Brides

Image Courtesy: Fine Art Photography

4. Golden Three-Tier Kalire

This traditional design is apt for the girls who do not wish to experiment much with their look. Moreover, it promises a graceful and charming addition to a bride’s trousseau.
Kalire, Bridal Kalire Design

Image Courtesy: Wedding Documentary

Kalire, Bridal Kalire Design

Image Courtesy: Sunny Dhiman Photography

5. Faux Flowers And Ghunghroo Kalire

We came across this lovely kalire design that has quite a lot of interesting elements in it, and just couldn’t resist sharing the same with you. Check that out and you too will fall in love!
Kaleera Designs

Image Courtesy: PhotozAapki

6. Coconut Kalire

For the brides who wish to keep it purely traditional, coconut kalire is simply the best deal. See how this dazzling diva is slaying her bridal look in those conventional yet exquisite kalire!
Bridal Kaleera Design

Image Courtesy: PhotozAapki

Kalire, Kalire Design

Image Courtesy: Romesh Dhamija Productions

7. Pom Pom Bridal Kalire

Just like tassels, pom poms too are a rage in the fashion world these days. From clothes to accessories, you will find them almost everywhere. Then how can the bridal jewellery give it a miss? One look at these gorgeous bridal kalire and you sure would want one for yourself!  
Kalire, Kalire Design, Bridal Jewellery, Indian Brides

Image Courtesy: Harleen Deol Photography

Kalire, Kalire Design

Image Courtesy: Shutterdown

8. Coloured Stones And Pearl Kaleera Designs

We sure would want to ditch the traditional bridal kalire for these lovely pieces worn by these gorgeous girls! What about you?
Kalire, Kalire Design

Image Courtesy: Glimmer Films

Kalire, Kalire Designs

Image Courtesy: Morvi Images

9. Chandelier Style Kalire

The kalire with long multiple chains is yet another hot favourite among brides since forever. It is one design that never feels like an old one and at the same time, looks charming all the time.
Bridal Kalire Designs

Image Courtesy: Hyperbole Accessories

Kalire, Kalire Design

Image Courtesy: Raabta By Rahul

Kalire, Kalire Design

Image Courtesy: Vipul Sharma Photography

10. Multi-Tier Gold Kalire

This design is made for the brides who wish to keep it complete desi, i.e., everything conventional and grand at the same time!
Kalire, Kalire Design

Image Courtesy: Paran Singh Photography

Red Bridal Lehenga

Image Courtesy: Piyush Bedi Photography

Ladies, we hope you have found the right kalire design that will become a part of your bridal ensemble. So it’s time to go shopping!

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