And while gay couples have always stood up for their love without shying away from the world, this lesbian couple just once again showed the world that true love prevails overall. This very much in love couple chose to break free from the societal norms and mustered up the courage to say “I DO” in front of their friends and family and we are absolutely smitten! After all, love is love!

What further makes their story special is that they had a Multicultural wedding all dolled up in stunning bridal outfits!

Wondering who are they? Well..well…well..

Meet this Indo-American lesbian couple – Anuja Ankola and Adrienne Rochett who recently got married in a beautiful ceremony!

While Anuja comes from India, Adrienne is apparently an American. We totally admire the fact that they chose to respect each other’s traditions and got all dressed up in their respective traditional attires. More power to you guys!

lesbian couple

LGBT wedding

Our desi Anuja opted for a traditional red bridal lehenga whereas Adrienne slipped into a classic white wedding gown. They both looked all gorgeous and completely resplendent in their bridal avatars and woaah man they are goals!

lesbian couple wedding

LBGT couple

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same sex couple

lesbian couple

wedding portrait

couple portrait

This lesbian couple’s wedding pictures are proof that to be in love is a beautiful feeling and getting married to your love is beyond words. 

Image Source: Weddings By Two

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