This LGBTQ groom couple set some serious couple goals by tying the knot recently, in a traditional Indian wedding, seven years after they first set their eyes on each other. Their story makes us believe in love and that love alone can defeat all odds.

Vaibhav and Parag’s love story began back in 2012 when Parag mesmerised Vaibhav during a pride parade. Two days later, Vaibhav poked him on Facebook. After getting to know each other a little, they went on their first date at a Thai restaurant.  

Despite their date turning out to be a mess, there was no turning back for these two. They spent six hours with each other that day. Over the next few years, their love blossomed and Parag urged and helped Vaibhav to come out to his parents as well.LGBT Couple

On a Carribean Cruise, they disclosed their relationship to their parents seeking their blessings. It was then on a holiday to New Mexico in 2016 that Parag proposed to Vaibhav for marriage. Their family and friends were a part of this celebration as they live streamed the proposal on Facebook. LGBT Couple

Their wedding was a big fat desi wedding with traditional and fun-filled Haldi and Sangeet ceremonies shared with people from all over the world. Both Vaibhav and Parag believe in the traditional Indian wedding, and since both of them are Jains, they had wedding rituals accordingly.

LGBT Couple

Vaibhav and Parag’s future is not only filled with love but also the possibility of parenthood. It looks like they have found their happily ever after and have set some serious relationship goals for the rest of us.

This LGBTQ couple’s love story has set some major couple goals filled with love and hope.

Watch Vaibhav and Parag’s love story here:

Vaibhav and Parag, as an LGBTQ couple make us believe in the fact that there is no set definition of love. We may experience it differently, in different forms with different people. Each kind of love is to be celebrated and rejoiced with the ardent sentiment of love is love. Read about such more love stories here.

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