What is Pre Marital Health Checkup? Let us talk about this important issue. The wedding planning checklist typically includes venue,  decor, catering, makeup and invitations. However, one very important aspect is often ignored and in fact not even talked about is Pre marital Health Checkup.

Does talking about pre marital health checkup makes you uncomfortable? Do you think this isn’t  a right thing to go for? Do you think it can hamper your relationship with your partner? If answer to all these questions is yes, then we must talk about it. Pre marital health checkups are nothing to be uncomfortable about. It is actually an important health checkup which both bride and groom must get it done before getting married. And, without thinking whether it will hamper your relationship with your partner or not. So, for the uninitiated we are here to discuss everything about pre marital health checkups. You need to know what exactly it is why is it important and where can you get it done.

Read through to know why pre marital health checkups are important:

What Is Pre Marital Health Checkup?

Pre marital health checkup is a medical examination which is conducted for soon to be married couples. This medical examination helps identify any issues or problems with genetic blood diseases, and checks the occurrence of sickle-cell anemia – or infectious diseases, such as hepatitis B, C, and HIV/ Aids in their body which can be harmful for their baby.

Why Is Pre Marital Health Checkup Important?

Before committing and saying “I do”, it is always relevant to know where each of you stand with respect to your health. Pre marital health check ups help you determine any pre existing medical conditions or diseases, which are preventable and treatable, if diagnosed early.

pre marital health checkup

Some people may be carrying a gene of some genetic disorder. If either of the couples has a genetic disorder, the same can be dealt with seeking expert advice from a genetic counsellor.

Pre marital health checkup helps you counsel on how you can take care of each other with different health problems. This check up will help you know about any probable heredity diseases on both sides.

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What is included in pre marital health checkup?

Pre marital health checkups are basically normal health check ups which can be basic and very extensive. It is like any normal health check up which is conducted depending on age.

pre marital health checkup

Generally, a pre marital health checkup will focus on basic body measurements (blood pressure, height, weight, BMI, blood analysis etc.), infectious diseases (hepatitis B, rubella, and several STDs), and genetic diseases. To avoid passing it to future generations, it is often included in pre marital health checkups.

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