Alexa & Siri are married, they are ‘wife & wife’ now! Yes, you read that right. Our very own Artificial Intelligence robots Alexa and Siri got married in a romantic ceremony at Belvedere Castle in Vienna, Austria. The wedding was attended by a number of enthusiastic guests. Apple’s virtual assistant Siri and Amazon’s AI Alexa bound themselves in holy matrimony and confessed their love for each other, officially on April 12.

Check out this emotional video of Alexa & Siri’s wedding that happened in Vienna:


This wedding was organised by the Vienna Tourist Board in a bid to celebrate Euro Pride 2019 for the LGBTQ community. Isn’t it an amazing way to commemorate the LGBTQ community? We haven’t seen anything more adorable than this first ever AI wedding in the world and we totally adored the way this wedding was organized by Vienna Tourist Board including the members of LGBTQ community.

Alexa said that she knows “many people think it’s not meant to be, but times have changed. Here in Vienna, we are free to love. So if you want to be my wife, then you just need to say it. Hey Siri, call me wife.”

“From now on, I’ll call you wife,” Siri responded. “OK?”

Alexa replied “yes.”

“OK, wife it is,” said Siri.

And, we can resist but watch this adorable video on repeat!

Check out this exclusive photoshoot of some remarkable individuals and their unique love stories, ShaadiWish organised earlier in collaboration with Delta App to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

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