Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta finally got married and what a wedding it was! From UK President Tony Blaire to Shahrukh Khan to Google’s Sunder Pichai; it seems like every person came to the wedding to bless the happy couple. While we are still in awe of the grandeur of the wedding, we cannot stop gushing about some of the beautiful moments that happened at the wedding. These are the moments that will stay with everyone for  a very long time.

Take a look at 10 of these moments from the wedding of Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta that you just cannot miss:

1. All The Stars As Baaratis

Akash Ambani’s baarat was anything but ordinary. His grand kafila was studded with stars. The best moment was when Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and Karan Johar joined the groom for a dance. From Aamir Khan to Hardik Pandya, every A-lister was dancing in Akash Ambani’s baarat. They all looked like a big happy family.

moments from akash ambani wedding

moments from akash ambani wedding


2. Isha Ambani Pulling Akash’s Ears

Twins Isha and Akash share a really close bond. And, we all know how sisters are! They never leave a chance to pull their brother’s leg. In the case of the Ambani siblings, it was the story of the ear. Isha Ambani Piramal couldn’t keep herself from pulling her brother’s ear and it looked adorable!

moments from akash ambani wedding

3. The Moment Akash Saw His Bride

Shloka and Akash have known each other for a very long time but when he saw her as his bride, he couldn’t contain his excitement. His jaw literally dropped when Shloka entered the wedding venue. They make a perfect couple for sure.

4. When The Couple Took The Vow

To take the vows as a married couple is a big moment in every couple’s life. Akash and Shloka made a vow to each other in front of a thousand people . They promised to stand by each other in sickness and in health and to always be each other’s equal.

5. Shloka Mehta’s Dance

Shloka Mehta’s dance performance at her wedding was very special. She started it with her mother and sister and danced on the song, ‘Din Shagna Da’. Later, she was joined by her troop and gave a splendid performance on 90’s beloved song, ‘Mujhko Hui Na Khabar’.


6. Akash And Shloka’s Romantic Kiss

Akash and Shloka hosted an after party for their friends post their wedding reception. Here, Akash danced with his wife and kissed her in the most romantic way possible. We are sure that Shloka would be more in love with him for that gesture.


7. Sundar Pichai, Ban Ki-Moon, Tony Blair And More

It was expected that the entire entertainment industry along with a few VIPs will attend the latest Ambani wedding but we never imagined that we will get to see Sundar Pichai, Ban Ki-moon, Tony Blair, Satya Nadella and many more brilliant minds at the same event! This was a historic moment.

moments at akash ambani wedding

8. Isha Ambani Piramal Playing Kikli

Gujaratis have their own way of celebrating a special occasion, the most being kikli! This is a childhood shenanigans which we all have done but watching the grown-ups doing it at the Ambani wedding was cherry on top. Just look at the happy faces.

isha ambani playing kikli

9. Anant Ambani Holding Radhika Merchant’s Hand

It is speculated that Radhika Merchant will be the choti bahu of the Ambani family. While there has been no official confirmation, her involvement at Isha and Akash’s wedding is proof enough. We got to see how important she is for the Ambanis when the groom entered the venue. Akash came holding the hands of his parents, followed by Isha and Anand Piramal. The special moment was when Anant joined them holding Radhika’s hand.

10. Nita Ambani Blessing The Couple

Nita Ambani is a loving and caring mother and mother-in-law. She was the happiest among all when Akash and Shloka got married. Like a true blue Guju mom, she blessed the couple in her own special way.

nita ambani at akash ambani wedding

The Ambani scion Akash Ambani is now married to the love of his life, Shloka Mehta. Their wedding was brimming with important names and smiling faces. Everything about their wedding is worthy of the first page and these are some of our favorite moments.

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