An Indian bride is truly unique and stands out for all the beautiful and traditional bridal accessories that she wears on her big day. While there are so many bridal accessories, a modern Indian bride chooses wisely to complement her own personal style. And, some of these bridal accessories are not limited to the wedding day. Some of these can be worn even after your wedding. Yes, for all those lunch, dinners and get-togethers a bride has to attend. So dear bride-to-be, we have put together a super exhaustive bridal accessory list, which can help you out.

Tick down your list of jewellery and accessories with the ultimate bridal accessory list:

1. Hair Bridal Accessory

You won’t get time to fix your appointment with your hairstylist post wedding. So, why not keep some handy hair accessories or may be some cool hair pins and accessories?bridal accessory for hair


2. Mathapatti

Statement matha pattis have become one big bridal jewelry that brides are following. This is one accessory that can be the crowning jewel to your wedding look.  These not only look great with traditional outfits but suits well with indo-western.

3. Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka is a must-have for all the brides. It is a gorgeous piece for sure but it is very handy too. Wear it whenever you are running late and have no time to make a hairstyle. It works with every traditional and Indo-Western dress.

4. Jhoomar

One gorgeous bridal accessory that the brides would love to wear is passa. These not only enhances the bridal look but, makes your post wedding look.

5. Nose Ring

One cannot deny that nose rings look ethereal on a bride. It gives them that quintessential Indian bride vibe. Don’t forget to invest in a big nath for your D-day to take your bridal look to the next level and a small nose ring as well for special post-wedding occasions.

6. Statement Earrings

No look is complete without a gorgeous pair of earrings. This is one accessory that you need with every kind of outfit. As a new bride, you would be expected to wear heavy earrings. So, don’t forget to buy some chunky danglers for yourself.

7. Necklace

We saved the last for the best. Every bride should have a few neck pieces for every kind of attire. There are chokers, strings of pearls and Kundan, satlada, and more. All these necklaces have a place of their own. So, buy the ones that go well with your dresses.


8. Cocktail Rings

Big chunky cocktail rings are a thing now. Deepika flaunted 10 of these on her wedding day. These big rings are fashion forward. You will be investing in something that you can wear with almost everything. Whether you are wearing an Indian dress or a Western one, cocktail rings will go perfectly with everything.

9. Bangles

As a bride, you will be wearing bangles on almost all the occasions so it is important that you buy a few sets in different colours. Also, buy a variety of bangles in different materials. You must have gold bangles, studded ones and chunky bangles along with the regular glass but some kadas will make you look spectacular.

10. Armlet

An armlet gives the Indian bride a very traditional look. It also furthers the charm of the henna. There are various styles that you can choose from. There are twisted ones that belong to the temple jewellery and the Kundan strings that you can wear even after your wedding.

11. Kamarband

Kamarband also known as waist bands have become one important accessory for an Indian bride. It not only looks stunning with lehengas, but it makes your look in a saree pretty hot.

12. Anklet

One of the most beautiful accessories that Indian married women wear is anklets. As a bride, you should wear them to make your new journey full of music. There are so many gorgeous payals that you can take inspiration from. You can go big and buy those heavy anklets or keep it simple with the single strings.

13. Toe Rings For Bridal Accessory

Traditionally, Indian women are expected to wear toe rings post their wedding. This is considered as a privilege that only married women enjoy. You can colour coordinate your toe rings with your dress or buy the contrasting ones.

It is said that your smile is the best accessory but even that cannot compete with this list! This is the ultimate accessory list that all brides must swear by. You cannot skip even one of these. So, go ahead and explore the amazing world of bridal accessories.

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