For every bride, her look is incomplete without the nath or the nose ring. While you are planning your main bridal set, don’t forget to also add this to the list. You may think of this ornament as an extra and not give it much thought, but if you are wearing this for the first time, you have to pick something that suits your face and the outfit. Here, you can see the brides showing off their style. Take some inspiration on how you want your nose ring to look from these gorgeous brides.

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1. This vintage oversized nose ring is perfectly complementing that disc-like necklace.

nose ring

Image Source: Morvii images

2. The bride looks exquisite and the large nath just adds to her beauty.

large naths

Image Source: Cupcake Productions

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3. These small pearls all around the nath are perfect for a bride with a small nose!

bridal nath designs

Image Source: Cupcake Productions on Instagram

4. This oversized nose ring with two noticeable features is talking to us!

nose ring

Image Source: Cupcake Productions on Instagram

5. The bride’s simplicity is nicely interlined with her sophisticated nose ring.

nath designs

Image Source: Kismet Jewell Nakai

6. The round nose ring perfectly completes the look with a big maang-tikka and the strings of mathapatti!

round nose ring

Image Source: Sunanda Agarwal photography

7. Tiny pearls around the motifs and a pretty Kundan string is all that a bride needs.

kundan nath

Image Source: Cupcake Productions

8. Gold and turquoise bedazzled to match her maroon red bridal lehenga.

bridal nath

Image Source: One Fine Day Pictures

9. Rocking the typical gold statement ring along with the diamonds and pearls around.

gold nose ring

Image Source: Aviraj Saluja

10. Ditch the matha patti and get all eyes on the royal nath just like this bride.

royal nath

Image Source: Aviraj Saluja

11. This large nose ring lends a dainty yet daring look to this bride.

naths for brides

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik

12. This bride’s intricately designed nath is bringing all our focus towards her bright smile.

designed nath

Image Source: Pooja Joseph Photography

13. The green tint in this nose ring perfectly compliments the choker necklace.

nose ring

Image Source: Cupcake Productions

14. This magnificent piece is specially designed for the bride to match her gold and ivory lehenga.

nose ring designs

Image Source: Sephi Bergerson

15. This kundan piece adds a fabulous finishing touch to the contemporary bride.

bridal naths

Image Source: The Cheesecake Project

16. This kundan piece brings out the simplicity and elegance of the bride and her pink Lehenga.


Image Source: Ombre by Hj on Instagram

17. Keep it minimal with this simple one flower piece of nose ring.

bridal nose ring

Image Source: We don’t Say Cheese

18. This elegant and oversized green and red nose ring looks lovely on the crimson bride.

bridal Nath

Image Source:Yash Gajjar Photography

19. This nose ring with small geometric shaped stones is the most unique one we’ve seen. The pearls on top give it that boldness.


Image Source: Cheema Photography

20. These little gold pearls are perfect for that chirpy bride looking for a nose ring that goes well with her other jewellery pieces.

bridal Nath

Image Source: Studio 12 Movies

21. The bride carries off this detailed nath with such grace, we’re in love.

bridal Nath

Image Source:Studio Be Unique

22. This bride’s confidence is revealed when she goes to her wedding wearing this larger than life nath.

bridal Nath

23. The Rajput bride’s oval-shaped diamond nose ring is everything!

bridal Nath

Image Source: Mario Testino

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