Wedding Decoration is the second most important thing when it comes to wedding planning. Only second to shopping for the bridal lehenga. We know that you are very excited about the big day and a little overwhelmed by the preparations. Wedding decor, is the first thing that greets your guests and usually eats a big chunk of your wedding budget as well. Some couples just leave the decoration part to their wedding planner while others understand how important it is and participate in setting the theme. We know that you belong to the second category.

So, here are all the wedding décor tips that you need for a beautiful wedding, including on how you can save money:

1. Set a Theme

There is no rule that you have to set a theme but it is easy to work on something when you have an end result in mind. When it comes to themes, the world is your oyster. From the grand ones like Mughal and to the quirky ones like Bollywood and Jazz, you can choose anything. A theme gives character to the wedding and ensures that all the elements of the wedding décor talk to each other.

wedding decor tips

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Chakra

Tip: Opting for a theme will make your wedding planning easy. The wedding decor will be according to the theme and everything will fall into place without wasting extra bucks.

2. Flowers, Satin or Draping?

Whatever theme or colour scheme you choose, you need the support of flowers and drapes to build it up. There is organza fabric, satin drapes, flowers, paper ribbons and so much more. You can go ahead with just one material or a combination of 2 or more but make sure that they complement your theme and the venue. For example, avoid flowers in small places as they will make things claustrophobic.

wedding decor tips

Tip: In case, you are planning a wedding on a budget it is best to skip the fresh flowers and opt for a non floral theme wedding decor. This will help you save a lot of money. Choose diyas and tea light candles, instead of flowers. This will not only save money, but can considerably enhance the wedding decor.

3. Lighting Is Important For Perfect Wedding Decor

Your wedding décor is incomplete without the support of some good lights. While your planner will give you a rainbow to choose from, we would suggest you to not be too creative with your wedding lights. Different lights absorb different colours. Dark coloured lights can change the colour of your entire ensemble and nobody wants that. Go for basic light yellow or white light if you want the real colours of the wedding to be noticed.

wedding decor tips

Image Courtesy: Garima & Tushar Wedding

Tip: To save big on wedding decor, it is best to plan a wedding during the day as you will save a significant amount of money on lighting and power back ups. Or, you can also opt for LED lights that will save you bucks and consume less electricity.

4. Choose Your Colour Scheme

Choosing a colour scheme is very important. You do not want to blend into the background of the stage while getting clicked at your own wedding. Have a colour scheme and stick to it. It is a wedding, not a circus so don’t make it a colourful charade. A combination of lighter shades with one dominant darker shade works well every time. You can go for peach, pink and violet or latte, ochre and chocolate brown.

Image Courtesy: Harshita and Rahul

5. Keep it Neat

There are a lot of things that we want to include in the wedding décor, but one has to be very smart while making such decisions. By trying to have everything, you will end up with a chaotic décor. If you want mini umbrella hangings then don’t add big chandeliers between them. Keep your décor simple and on point. Do not incorporate everything that you see on Pinterest at your wedding.

Tip: Keep in mind that if you opt for a customised wedding decor design, your cost of wedding decor will be considerably higher. Instead opt for more generic design elements like drapes, candles, latkans, signage boards and paper decorations, which are easily and cheaply available in the market.

6. Centrepieces Are Important Part Of The Wedding Decor

Centrepieces are the most neglected part of the wedding décor. It is imperative to pay attention to them as each and every guest at your wedding will notice them for sure. Your guests will be sitting at the table and you wouldn’t want them to look at a centrepiece that isn’t as good as the rest of the décor. Whether you want candle oriented centrepieces or one made of flowers, make sure that they sync with the rest of the décor.

Tip: To save money, opt for a printed fabric as a table cloth and use candles as centerpieces to save money.

7. Consider The Weather

Weather can be a deciding factor for your wedding décor. You wouldn’t want to have paper decoration during the rainy season or too many candles during summers. Do check the weather before you start planning your wedding décor. You wouldn’t want everything to be washed away by the rain or blown away by the wind.

8. Keep A Check On The Trends

Wedding planners come up with new and amazing things every now and then. So, it would be a really smart idea to keep a track on them. Frames with quotes, placards, bells hangings and quirky colours are in right now. So before you start planning your wedding, check the on-going trends of the season.

Tip: Download the ShaadiWish App and the inspiration gallery will help you keep a check on all the recent wedding trends.

It is your wedding and the décor should reflect your personality. Make it so good that your guests talk about it even when you are celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary. These tips will help you to have a perfect wedding décor. A beautiful couple like yours deserves a beautiful setting where they can take the vows.

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