Taj Palace, New Delhi hosted the 6th edition of Vogue Wedding Show 2018 which started with a bang and finished with the loud thumping of the heart of every bride-to-be. This edition redefined Indian wedding couture in the best way possible. One name that brides to be have been chanting continuously is of Shyamal & Bhumika. This husband and wife united the age-old traditions with the modern Indian thinking to create a marvelous wedding collection for Vogue Wedding Show 2018. You will find designer duo’s signature avant-garde and exquisite embroideries and details in their collection. They have used tiers of eco-friendly matka silks, raw silks, fine crepes, and georgettes; with diaphanous tulle and organza to dress the flamboyant operas and picturesque weddings of 2018-19.

The fragile embroidery in age-old techniques of aari, zardozi, and pitta entwine into elaborate drapes and structured sleeves with tumbling vines, floating bouquet, delicate petals and vintage crests add fragility to eccentric Versallian costumes. Vintage rose gold zari threads and silk threads are intricately embroidered into exaggerated floral and scalloped hems, over layered with sequins, giving a painterly effect and softness to the romance-inspired collection that makes costume couture relevant to their young muse. A mélange of unique vintage colors of English rose pink, ochre, moon grey, dusty mint, muted ivory, champagne complemented with vivid shades of midnight blue, emerald green and crimson reds create a sight to behold in their beautiful bridal collection. This is not it, we got a chance to ask them more about the upcoming bridal trends and they were more than happy to spill the beans.

1. What role do you think social media/digital content plays in fashion today?

The fashion industry has evolved tremendously, owing to the reach of social media and digital content. Innovations are done at jet speed while new trends are set globally. Social media has helped us further our mission to take the crafts and skills of India to the world. Being one of most globally followed Indian designers; we have been able to establish a connection between global Indian brides and their heritage and culture. The Shyamal & Bhumika online experience has enabled many Indian brides to dress for their special day in clothes that epitomize their culture bringing them closer to their roots.

vogue wedding show 2018, shyamal bhumika, bridal wear

2. What makes the Vogue Wedding Show such a unique experience to be brides?

The Vogue Wedding Show is an enriching experience for all the brides and grooms, and their families as they get to meet the designers in person and consult them on what works best for their wedding. The best names in the wedding industry are found at this exhibition and it acts as a one-stop event for all the Indian brides. The precision with which Vogue Wedding Show is organized is excellent, with attention to all details.

3. What did you launch at the Vogue Wedding Show that our to-be brides should look out for?

We just finished showcasing our couture collection The Muse of Mirrors at the Vogue Wedding Show. It has been inspired by the ancient regal palaces, their ornate archways, painted ceilings, silk upholstery, and baroque carpets. We have envisaged the dreams that were fashioned by the royals; for our modern muse, who wears fragile embroidery in age-old techniques of aari, zardozi and pitta with drapes and structured sleeves with tumbling vines, floating bouquet, delicate petals and vintage crests adding fragility to eccentric Versallian costumes.

4. How do you want women to feel when wearing your clothes?

We love making the brides feel special and confident in our garments. Our brides are adventurous, well-traveled yet firmly rooted and have sophisticated tastes. A Shyamal & Bhumika bridal ensemble should make them feel not only beautiful but also connects them to history and give them a sense of pride to be able to keep alive ancient crafts of India.

vogue wedding show 2018, shyamal bhumika, bridal collection

5. There’s so much pressure on designers to come out with their greatest collection season after season. What advice would you give to young wedding designers who are just starting out and hoping to make it in the industry?

We think that if you bring your roots into your designing process, you cannot go wrong. Most important is to develop your brand aesthetic and the collections will flow season to season. We have a diverse range of crafts in our country, from printing to embroidery to dyeing techniques; as a young Indian designer, you have the best opportunity to grow because of the access you have to multiple cultures, crafts, and artisans.

6. Where do you go for inspiration when working on a new bridal design. Is it different from designing normal lifestyle clothing?

We take inspiration for our bridal and luxury couture collections from all around us. From the architectural grandeur of our ancestral homes, our personal travels and tales we’ve grown up listening to, have all inspired our work. Our biggest inspiration comes from our mission of spreading the beauty of Indian craftsmanship all over the globe. Coming from the only UNESCO World Heritage City in India, we support diverse types of ancient embroidery and age-old weaving techniques; one of the projects being that of reviving the ancient Amdavadi Real Zari Weaving Technique. We also take inspiration from the lost world charms, artifacts, and architectural wonders that signify our collection and recreate the essence of the erstwhile era.

7. How have bridal dresses evolved since you began your own label?

Since the last decade or so, Indian brides, both in India and abroad have evolved tremendously which has made our designs evolve too. The millennial brides are well traveled and come with great exposure and awareness. While some want to keep it minimal and fuss-free, some brides want their wedding ensemble to be grand and opulent. We cater to brides by designing luxurious couture ensembles with modern aesthetics keeping them light yet detailed. The advent of destination weddings has led to the development of our signature sequins overlap embroidery which gives our ensembles a romantic painterly effect, is done in beautiful muted vintage shades and well as vivid jewel colors and is relatively lightweight.  Brand Shyamal & Bhumika constantly seeks ways to integrate India’s artisan techniques and design couture collections that resonate with modern as well as traditional clientele. Our identity revolves around making Indian ancient crafts meet modern aesthetics for the global muse.

vogue wedding show 2018, shyamal bhumika, bridal collection

8. Do you have a (design) muse? Who is a quintessential Shyamal & Bhumika bride?

The quintessential Shyamal & Bhumika bride is much like our muse, who is an independent and confident woman of today. She is elegant and sophisticated, with global exposure and values her roots immensely, regardless of where she lives. The bride of Shyamal & Bhumika emulates timeless beauty and effortless style. She appreciates the craft done by hand, its uniqueness and rarity. She is keen on absorbing all that the world has to offer, yet creates her own identity interwoven to her roots.

9. What will the 2018-19 bride look like?

The modern bride epitomizes her personality. She is well traveled and comes with great exposure and awareness compared to brides a decade ago. She follows global trends and has an idea of what she needs to put together for her own perfect wedding. She sees her wedding as an escape from her professional career to live her ‘fairytale fantasy’. She is clad in eco-friendly and diaphanous fabrics like raw silks, organzas, and tulles that have been intricately embroidered with ancient techniques of aari, zardozi, and pitta, highlighted with numerous shimmering sequins and beads.

10. A cliché question yes, but are there any trends coming this wedding season that people will be totally blown away with?

The color palette for this wedding season is a mix of antique pastel shades and jewel colors like English rose pink, ochre, moon grey, dusty mint, muted ivory, champagne, midnight blue, emerald green and crimson reds. In silhouettes, classic gowns and lehengas with sweeping hems are trending this season. Corsets make a comeback to give gowns and lehengas a modern makeover. The asymmetrical and ruffled flare lehengas with a wide shoulder and jacket blouses and constructed draped gowns are in trend for the pre-wedding functions. Signature ruffle details in lehenga hems and saree hems bring a delicate touch to our ensembles.  

vogue wedding show 2018, shyamal bhumika, bridal collection

11. One thing Indian grooms should definitely keep in mind while styling themselves for the wedding functions?

A sherwani works best for the pheras while classic bandhgalas and jackets work well for the reception. Sangeet and Mehendi are functions where slightly experimental and colorful outfits can work. Asymmetric jackets on trousers, salwars with long jackets or layered with bundis also work well here. The groom does not need to go completely matching with the bride but can complement her ensemble by synchronizing some details.

12. WE LOVE YOU. Would you please like do a Wes Anderson style concept shoot with us in a cozy luxury cottage at the hills?

We would do a grand wedding shoot with you but instead, in the Shyamal & Bhumika way.

From soft hues to bold reds and blues, Shyamal and Bhumika have created a wedding collection that will be appreciated by all the wonderful and unique brides. Their collection includes a variety of bridal lehengas and sarees. They have mastered the art of crafting fine grooms-wear as well. Considering their brand is a must for anyone who is about to tie the knot.  

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