From North to South, East to West, India has so much to offer. This country is a proud home of so many cultures and religions that happily share the same history. When it comes to fashion, every part of India has its unique trademark. Indian sarees are famous worldwide and it is the South Indian women who have popularised it. South Indian sarees are beautiful and versatile. The range is so expansive that it has something special for every bride.

If you haven’t explored the vast and exquisite range of South Indian sarees, then this is your chance. Bharat Sthali has a lot in its store for you. No bride’s trousseau is complete without an authentic South Indian saree in it. These sarees are beautiful and perfect for a new bride.

Here are some South Indian sarees that every bride must know about:

1. Kanjeevaram

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This, without a doubt, is one of the most loved silk sarees in the world. Kanjeevaram is a traditional South Indian saree which brides wear with pride. They have gold Zardosi border which makes them so exquisite and elegant. Even Aishwarya Rai wore one at her wedding. These usually come in rich colours like red, orange, yellow and gold. Kanjeevaram sarees are made with the highest quality of silk and never go out of style. It is an investment which you will never regret.

How much does a Kanjeevaram Saree Cost?

2. Mysore Silk Sarees

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Mysore silk sarees are one of a kind. They were favoured by the royalty of Mysore and their lustrous fabric is enough to prove why. Mysore silk sarees are light and comparatively easier to handle. They come in solid colours with thin and contrasting borders. These sarees look fabulous in summers. These South Indian sarees are perfect for your formal lunch with the in-laws.

3. Kavasu

Kavasu is a traditional saree from Kerala. It comes in light colours and the material is breathable. They date back to the Buddhist era. These sarees do not endorse heavy borders. Kavasu sarees are made with block printing technique and have light work on them. These geometrical sarees are perfect for the brides who like to keep it simple and stylish.

4. Chettinad

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Another gift from Tamil Nadu, Chettinad sarees are made of cotton as opposed to its neighbour, Kanjeevaram saree. These handloom sarees are made with extra care. You will find a lot of flamboyant vertical lines and check patterns on this type of South Indian sarees. The border of a Chettinad saree is always in a contrasting colour. Any bride who loves to wear colours would fall in love with these sarees instantly.

5. Konrad

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You have seen Konrad saree a lot of times. Where? On our Bollywood actresses! Konrad sarees grace a lot of brides following the intricate work on them. Unlike an elaborate border of other silk sarees, Konrad saree endorse meaningful motifs. You will find beautiful peacocks and elephants woven in them. These sarees have many fertility symbols too.

6. Gadwal

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Gadwal sarees were popularised by the women of Andhra Pradesh. These South Indian sarees are made with a special blend of cotton and silk. The drape is of cotton and the work is done using either Mulberry or Tussar silk. These sarees are unique as they are still completely made by hands. No machines have been developed to make them. This technique is passed on from one generation to another.

7. Pochampally

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Pochampally sarees hail from the Telangana district. You will find these sarees in cotton, silk or hybrid of both. Ikat style dyeing is used to make geometrical patterns on these sarees. Some sarees also have small motifs of peacocks, elephants, diamonds and flowers. These sarees come in a lot of colours. You can wear these sarees on any occasion. Even air hostesses of Air India wear this saree.

8. Crepe

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Crepe sarees are simply amazing. They are made with synthetic fibre and are very light. These sarees are absolutely comfortable. Traditional crepe sarees had a simple border but these days, you will find heavy embroidery on them. These sarees can easily pass as formal wear. So, you can use them even after your wedding.

9. Dharmavaram

Dharamavaram sarees are named after the place where they are made in Andhra Pradesh. Beautiful religious symbols are hand woven in these sarees. Dharmavarm sarees display an elaborate gold-plated border which makes it a perfect choice for bridal wear. This kind of South Indina sarees are perfect for a temple wedding.

South Indian sarees have a charm of their own. They praise traditions and exude grace. These sarees hold an important place in every woman’s life. If you are in a trousseau-building mode, you should definitely consider adding these beautiful sarees to it. While it can be a little testing to find authentic South Indian sarees, you can always rely on Bharat Sthali’s collection. Enrich your life with beautiful sarees from South India.

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