For every couple, their wedding pictures become the best memories of their life. Every moment belonging to their wedding celebrations is just pristine and carries special emotions that remain close to their hearts forever. Thanks to the highly advanced technology and some really fabulous trends, wedding photography has evolved like never before and we get to see some brilliantly captured couple pictures. For instance, the ‘much in love’ couples these days prefer having pre-wedding shoots to capture their happy moments from the courtship period and to bond as well. Even on the wedding day, the photographers schedule some time to click a few love-struck shots with the couple to capture the essence of their relationship.

Well, while some couples find it easier to express themselves, there also happen to be a few who are camera shy. And for all those timid couples, we have something special. Pramod Kumar and Bharat Vohra, co-founders Shadow & Souls Studios, share some amazing tips for the camera shy couples to get the best wedding pictures. After all, every couple deserves perfect pictures of the most special time of their lives. So if you are one of those coy couples, it’s time to scroll down.

1. Trust Your Photographer

Wedding pictures, camera shy

The first step towards amazing wedding pictures is to hire a good photographer. Once that has been done, you have to trust him. Pramod and Bharat share some insights on this:

You might be feeling nervous because of the discomfort that you feel in front of the camera. But every photographer has a certain vision. So bail out of this situation, all you need to do is to share your thoughts with him and let him do the rest of the work. Your photographer knows the best. Trust his instincts and your wedding pictures will turn out better than expected.

2. Let There Be Experts With You Always

Wedding pictures, camera shy

Who doesn’t want to look the best in their wedding pictures? But for that, it is highly recommended for the couples to take the experts’ help at each step. According to Pramod and Bharat, couples usually tend to ignore this when it comes to their pre-wedding shoot. So, they have a very reasonable recommendation for the couples:

Hire a stylist and a makeup artist even for your pre wedding shoot. You will book them for the D-day then why not for your pre wedding shoot as well? You have to understand that these are not going to be your everyday pictures. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing. Good clothes and good makeup are key to perfect pictures. Moreover, good clothes and makeup always give a boost to one’s confidence.

3. Location Matters

Wedding pictures, camera shy

Here comes yet another outstanding piece of advice for the camera shy couples for their pre-wedding shoot:

The couples who usually find it difficult to loosen up should select a location for their pre wedding shoot which is away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Locations which share a bond with nature provide better backgrounds for the photos. More than that, such places are not crowded which means less disturbance. This will give you the opportunity to express yourself better.

4. Privacy Is Important

Wedding pictures, camera shy

While privacy should be a point that every couple should keep in mind, it is very important for the shy couples to see that there aren’t many eyes on them, says Pramod. Bharat further adds to this:

This can make you conscious and nervous which will result in awkward wedding pictures. If you want the whole process of shooting to go smoothly, make sure that you are not bothered by many people.

5. Don’t Rush It

Wedding pictures, camera shy

Wedding shoots are time-consuming. Your photographer will inspect every photo from various angles. If you two are introverts, it will take you some time to warm up to each other and to the team of your photographer. So, don’t rush it. You will open up with time and will have the most gorgeous wedding pictures.

6. Be Comfortable

Wedding pictures, camera shy

It’s your big day and you’ve got to feel happy about it and have fun. For those who feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, here are a few wise words from our experts:

The person with whom you are sharing this moment is the one with whom you will be sharing all the amazing future moments too. Keep this thought in mind and comfort will become your middle name. If you are comfortable with each other, then there will be no trace of discomfort even in front of the camera. You don’t have to force yourself to strike a particular pose or ape someone else. Just be yourself and your shoot will lead to some amazing wedding pictures.

Just because you are a reserved couple that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve some amazing wedding pictures. You and your partner make a gorgeous couple together and your photographer would love to click you. Just be comfortable, be you and follow these tips shared by Shadow & Souls for the most gorgeous wedding pictures that one has ever seen. So, brides and grooms, smile because you are about to live your happily ever after. 

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