A Sabyasachi lehenga, a Rohit Bal sherwani, a celebrity makeup artist or a grand venue; nothing will make your guests happy if the catering is not good. Indian weddings are known for their lavish buffet and with time, its face is changing. A wedding buffet now offers more than just traditional and local food. It has undergone some serious transformation and now features some exotic cuisines like Lebanese, Moroccan and Thai. That’s not all, an Indian wedding buffet now sorts some interesting fusion dishes too. The reason behind this welcoming change is one catering company that believes in innovation. The Nijhawan group’s youngest culinary venture, Fork n Spoon is the flag bearer of the new and improved face of the wedding buffet. We spoke to Tania and Arjun Nijhawan, founders of Fork n Spoon about the innovations that they have brought in the wedding catering industry and the future of food in Indian weddings. Check out what they have to share about their innovative kitchen with us:

Q: What was your inspiration for starting Fork n Spoon?

fork n spoon, wedding catering

A: We love to invite our friends over or host parties. Whenever we hired a caterer to manage the food, we always found something missing. Sometimes, it was the food and other times, it would be either the service or the presentation. We were deeply hurt as these parties are not just social gathering but a way through which we share our happiness with the people we love. So, we decided to take the matter into our hands and opened a restaurant first. Then we agreed to start a catering company too.

Q: What are the biggest Indian wedding food trends of 2018?

fork n spoon, wedding catering

A: Indian palate is very welcoming and allows the chefs to be as creative as they want. Fusion food has become everyone’s favourite, and hence, is a part of almost every wedding’s buffet. People enjoy eating their all-time favourites with a new twist. Other than that, molecular gastronomy is catching everyone’s attention. It is a detail-oriented way of cooking food which is enjoyed by everyone.

Q: What innovations can we expect to see at the weddings?

fork n spoon, wedding catering

A: The pass around buffet is something that our Indian guests are enjoying a lot. It gives you the opportunity to serve main course items as bite-sized snacks. Mini lasagne and risotto are loved by all. Theme buffets are also a hit, the most famous one being Mughlai and Sufi.

Q: There have been a lot of innovations in terms of food presentation at the weddings. What are the most interesting ones to watch out for 2018?

fork n spoon, wedding catering

A: The wedding buffet presentation is just as important as the taste of the food. If it is appealing to the eyes, your guests will eat it for sure. In terms of presentation, deconstructed presentation of the food is the most interesting one. It is a way of serving food in which different elements of a dish is served separately. Also, fusion food trend has become every famous and it impresses the guests, both young and old.

Q: Which international cuisine is becoming popular in Indian weddings these days? How many of these do you specialise in?

fork n spoon, wedding catering

A: Spanish food is gaining popularity in India. It takes care of the requirement of that spicy kick which Indians are used too but at the same time, it isn’t very heavy. Having said that, we must tell you that it is the Indian food which still remains everyone’s favourite and will continue being an integral part of Indian wedding buffet. Indians love their daal makhani, naan, butter chicken and kulfi.

We have a team of chefs from all around the world. We specialise in every kind of cuisine and you will be served only authentic food.

Q: What advice would you give to your readers who are looking to hire a caterer for their wedding?

fork n spoon, wedding catering

A: Food is the most important part of an Indian wedding, which is why you have to be extra careful in selecting a caterer. Our advice is that you choose a caterer who understands the emotional aspect of the event that you have in your mind and offers to customise the menu according to you. Look into the profile of the company and notice their detailing. Along with the food, presentation and service should be good too.

Fork n Spoon is one catering company that makes sure that you get nothing but the best. Only authentic food prepared by genuine chefs will be served to your guests. The Nijhavan group takes special care of the hygiene and presentation because they know that your guests are important for you. So, for some delicious food and impeccable presentation, call Fork n Spoon now!

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