Got your rishta pakka in a summer month? And, not sure how to go ahead with your summer wedding preparations? No issues. Here we are to provide you with the tips on how to plan your summer wedding and make it the talk of the town.

People prefer hosting weddings in winters and even love to be a part of them as a guest. But in summer, the scorching heat spoils all the fun not only for you but for your guests as well. But, don’t worry we have got your back. Now you don’t have to think much before planning your d-day. These tips will make your big day grand.

Scroll through to know the tips for planning your summer wedding:

1. Host A Pool Party

Hosting a pool party isn’t a bad idea especially when it is summers. You can host a pre-wedding ceremony like mehendi or sangeet ceremony near the pool and let your guests enjoy.

Image Courtesy: White Frog Productions

2. Destination Wedding In The Hills

Hills have a cool climate and hosting a destination wedding in hills would save a lot of your cost of air conditioners and portable fans. So, make a list of hilly areas that suit your budget for planning a wedding.

Image Courtesy: Wedding Photography by Katia

Have a look at this wedding in Himachal Pradesh to get inspired for yours.

3. Keep Your Guests Cool 

If you have organised a ceremony in a lawn or terrace, then you can provide them with quirky hand fans or battery fans which will keep them cool while they dance out their sweat on the dance floor.

Image Courtesy: rvaantiques

4. Floral Decor

Floral decor is a good option as they keep the environment refreshing and positive as well. But, there are many flowers that wilts in minutes and that will be spoiling your entire decor which you will definitely not like. So, make sure you opt for flowers that don’t wilt easily. Or rather you can go for foliage decor and more plants which will keep the environment naturally cool. Some umbrellas for the ceiling decor would look super cool. 

Image Courtesy: Dream Diaries

Image Courtesy: FNP Weddings & Events

5. Cool-drinks 

You need to have a large variety of cool drinks or a drinks station at your wedding. Keep some frozen drinks in mason jars at the bar in this heat. This will keep your wedding guests hydrated and cool in the hot weather. You can keep some handy ice buckets for the guests. The drinks menu can also have some fresh coconut water and lemon water to save your guests from dehydration. 

Image Courtesy: treatwellnl

Image Courtesy: Paran Singh Photography

6. Fruit Station 

After liquids, fruits are the best source of water. And, not only that, fruits have great health benefits as well. So, a fruit station is something you need to have at your wedding to beat the heat.

Image Courtesy: weddingservicestudio

7. Desserts

Who doesn’t like desserts? And, desserts in summers is all about ice creams and cold stuff. So, why not have a dedicated dessert station at your wedding venue full of cakes, mousse and ice creams?

Image Courtesy: bonbon_fayre

Image Courtesy: Raghav Bhatia

8. Protect Your Food:

We all know that hosting summer wedding is a task and especially when it is organised in an open area. All the flies and insects mind end up spoiling your food, so you need to keep your food covered as hygiene is equally important in summers.

Image Courtesy: Sanjay Singh

Image Courtesy: Fork ‘n’ Spoon Catering Pvt Ltd

9. For The Gorgeous Summer Wedding Look

Before you get your summer wedding dresses ready, you must think of the fabric that would be the best for this season. Go for chiffon or cotton which will keep you cool, unlike velvet. Some designers that we came across and would help you best with can be Abhinav Mishra, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Anita Dongre. All of them have really great summer collection to look for.

Image Courtesy: Abhinav Mishra

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Did you see Sonam Kapoor’s reception outfit? She wore Anamika Khanna outfit and looked stunning. Check out her outfit here.

10. Outfit Ideas For Bridesmaids

If you have to attend a wedding in summer or you are the bride’s best friend, then you can go for a linen saree to get the summer look. Or you can pick up nice long flowy dress to get that lean look.

Image Courtesy: Anavila Misra

11. Makeup

Whether you are the bride-to-be or someone who has to attend a wedding, we would suggest you to go for a simple yet elegant wedding look. Keep it minimal and subtle, avoid layers and layers of makeup. Get inspired by Neha Dhupia’s bridal look at her wedding. We also highly recommend that you keep a touch-up kit handy.

You can look for some makeup tips that will help you get the best summer wedding look. Check it out here.

 12. Protect Your Skin

For the brides and all the ladies out there, the only thing we would recommend you is keep yourself indoors before attending a wedding. Or if you have to go out use a good sunscreen and protect your skin from any kind of tanning. We all have gone through that time when we have tan on our arms which makes it miserable for us to wear sleeveless outfits. So, hope you don’t regret.

Image Courtesy:

13. Hairstyle

We know how important your hairstyle is, but a bun or braids never hurts or you can keep the hair at bay. Add a floral wreath to make it more fun. It can be sweaty, but it is better than keeping your hair open. Try to keep your hair away from your face, fringes or flicks is a big no, no for summer wedding look. Discuss your hairstyle with your hairstylist before you leave.

Image Courtesy: Orange The Salon

Image Courtesy: Orange The Salon

Hope we made planning summer wedding easy for you. Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section below.

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