As soon as the date of wedding gets fixed, the bride starts looking for a bridal makeup tips. And, more than makeup tips, a bride looks for a makeup artist who can make her look flawless on her wedding day or what makeup tips she should follow to make her look her best at the wedding. The confusion in a bride’s head continues till the time she doesn’t find the best help. Well, if all that sounds familiar to you, we have an expert on board today to help you out with that.
Meet Neha Chhabra, founder of Neha Makeup Artistry. She is a professional makeup artist in Delhi- NCR, who holds specialisation in bridal makeup, pre bridal makeup, HD makeup, airbrush & photoshoots. Neha believes in giving the bride her best look on her grand day. And, she makes sure the products that are used don’t harm the bride’s skin.
It’s her makeup techniques that make her the best in the town and has very positive testimonials. You just have to ask for it and she is there to help you out with your needs, keeping in mind the attire the bride has to wear and definitely her skin color and skin type. A good makeup artist is one who knows how to blend the makeup perfectly for the wedding. 
Neha Makeup Artistry is well known for maintaining the trend. The way she styles her bride’s hairstyle and does a flawless makeup is what makes her different from other bridal makeup artists. In short, it’s her talent and her hard work that speaks.  
And, to all the to-be-brides, she gives her expert bridal makeup tips about what is going to trend in 2018 and how brides should take their bridal makeup sessions.
Read through to know what looks and colors she says yes to this wedding season.


   neha makeup, neha chabbra, neha makeup artistry

Bold look does magic on brides, but even the simple and a natural one looks good on some brides. When asked about her choice of bridal makeup, it has always been very bold. She says, “Our traditional Indian brides have always had boldness in their eyes. My forte for my brides has to be bold.” And, that is not it, she aims to provide an “extra mile” service to her beautiful brides, in which she gives a professional touch to a bride’s bridal look. She not only gives them a professional touch, but also travels from places to places to provide her exemplary services to her brides.


neha makeup, neha chabbra, neha makeup artistry
Neha Makeup Artistry is one bridal makeup artist who takes care of not only bridal makeup, but also her bride’s overall look. She has a very different take on contouring for this year trend. She says, “The much hyped contouring can take a back seat this wedding season. Heavy contour is about to be pushed aside to make room for a much prettier, more natural look. By natural, I don’t mean no makeup but it’s all about soft, flawless & glowy looks.”
This can be a good tip for a bride that she can think of before taking an appointment with her makeup artist.


neha makeup, neha chabbra, neha makeup artistry
Neha Makeup Artistry’s style of bridal makeup depends totally on the bride’s skin and tone. Neha says, “Shimmer or Glitter totally depends on the personality of the bride. So, my tip to the future brides would be to follow your heart & let your eyes do the talking. Whether it’s glitter, shimmer or lots of kohl”.


neha makeup, neha chabbra, neha makeup artistry
She believes a bride’s wedding day is one of the most treasured days of her life and Neha’s favorite, the dewy look (wet finish) is something that would proffer a ravishing look on the brides this wedding season.  


neha makeup, neha chabbra, neha makeup artistry
For to-be-brides who are confused on whether to experiment themselves with fake eyelashes or not, Neha suggests, “This wedding season is about being a little lashy and this year it will be all about amping up eyes with eyelashes that make a statement.”
At the end, her only advice to the to-be-brides would be, to go for a flawless & dewy base, teaming it up with gold and smokey eyes, some Kajal and bold lipstick. This combination would bring out the best Indian bride.
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