When we talk about globalization, it’s not just about the world coming closer, it’s also about the way in which we meet people from different cultures through a common connection. For some this opportunity comes along while they’re studying abroad and for many others, it happens at the work.  
This is the story of Anjana and Henri. A Cambodian-Chinese French man who fell in love immensely with an Indian Tamil woman in United Kingdom. Anjana was working at Jaguar LandRover and Henri was consulting with a French company. Their attraction towards each other was almost natural, the first time they met. This beautiful journey of discovering each other finally culminated into marriage in 2017.
Ace wedding planner, Poonam Mayank Sharma helped this couple get married in style with all the essence of a typical Tamil wedding at Taj Vivanta, Bangalore.
Anjana wanted a small wedding with just the right people and Henri wanted the wedding to be colourful, vibrant and traditional just like how an Indian wedding generally is.
A simple yet quirky wedding was planned for the couple, keeping these aspects in mind.
Let’s meet the couple. Anjana & Henri.
Marie Gold Decor
The Mehendi was bursting with rainbow colors set with typically embellished Meenakari umbrellas, hand painted matkas, overdose of genda phool and of course a rickshaw!  The guests seemed excited to participate in the different functions.
Pre- Wedding Shoot with the pet
The varmala was a fun event, where each of the sides chipped in and made it one interactive event!
Marie Gold Jhula
The anchor point was this bright marigold decorated Jhula.
Multi Culture Wedding
The traditional wedding function took place in the typical South Indian style and Henri seemed to really embrace this, dressed in the customary outfit while diligently following the rituals, which makes this pure and magical.
Multi Culture Wedding
Multi Culture Wedding
Wedding Ceremony Pictures
Wedding Ceremony Pictures
The family rejoices at this holy union.
Wedding Photography, Family Potrait
Fun Picture Fun Family Potraits
Anjana and Henri are officially married and ready to start their life together.
Couple Pictures
The reception in the evening was a more entertaining one, complete with a DJ. A chalkboard,  props, personalized gifts and activities to keep the guests engaged. Paper Lanterns and Fairy Lights were the highlight of the decor.
Stage Decor Ideas
It truly was a one of a kind wedding for this unique couple.
Fun Family Pictures

Anjana and Henri’s Shaadi List

Photographer: Anju

Venue: Vivanta By Taj, Bangalore

Makeup Artist:  Monica Celaya

Wedding Planner: Poonam Mayank Sharma

Floral Decor & Set Creation: Flowers by Design

Outfits: Kanchi

DJ: Kirsh Hart

Attention: Newlyweds!

We at ShaadiWish believe that every love story is beautiful and unique. Do you want to share this crazy, magical feeling with the world? Would you like to inspire the rest of them with the your story and how it came to life? Let’s celebrate the art of love across cultures, borders and style together. If you would like your love story to be featured, please share your wedding day pictures and story with us at participation@shaadiwish.com.

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