We agree that our love for mithais is eternal. But what if you could also give some delectable sweets as wedding favours to your guests along with the wedding invites? Simple yet luxurious edibles that will set your invite apart and always be remembered.
Therefore, we bring to you some exquisite sweets from renowned Chocolatier, Celeste Chocolates to give your wedding favors a fresh new twist this summer. They are lauded for their fine quality delights, which they handcraft exquisitely.
Their exciting flavors have a luscious taste and unmatched splendor. They also customize the designed gift cases beautifully for those special guests.

1. Chocolates

Who would say no to this splendidly packed chocolates in exotic flavors like cappuccino, red chillies, cinnamon? Just look at the royal silver creation, truly an extraordinary choice, starting at Rs 60. This eye-popping goblet is undoubtedly a treat for your guests.

2. Brownies

These delicious nutty brownies will make your guests jump with excitement when they receive a box with your wedding invitations. This fudgy dessert is divine, especially when it comes packaged like this. Try their new caramel walnut flavor and you’ll become a fan.

3. Cakes

This can never go wrong because who doesn’t want to pleasure themselves with this luxurious and velvety ecstasy? Everyone. From their delicate flavours of lemon, strawberry and tea cakes, choose the one who love the most. Pay Rs 175 per piece or get a whole loaf of cake.

4. Nuts

Oh the good old ways of expressing your love to the dear ones by sending them the potpourri of flavoured nuts, that too in the armoire box. Try their Cashews and Almonds in different flavors. Choose from Oregano, Tango, Sweet and Sour, Honey & Black pepper, Caramelized, Cheese, Garlic, Chatori, Achari Masti etc starting at Rs 600 for 200 grams, it’s pure delight.

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5. Baklava

This nutty and treacle drenched pastry is a celestial wedding favour that will make your guests feel exclusive and worthy. The Pista and Almond flavours taste beautiful and are priced at Rs 1250 for 350 grams. A famous filo dessert from Turkey, it surely is making its impression on all of us worldwide.

6. Basbusa

Receiving a box full of middle eastern coconut sweet cake packed creatively with ribbon and plastic flowers is always going to brighten anyone’s day! This sumptuous dessert ranges from Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 per kg and even a tiny bit of it can be something unforgettable for the guests.

7. Tarts/Pies

The lovely pink rose tart is evidently a piece of art. This is one ambrosial glory to send out on a happy occasion when you are announcing your wedding date. From Coffee, Hazelnut, Caramel,  and Apple Pie that cost Rs 100, it’s one easy decision to make.

8. Dates

We are sure you must have never thought of sending only Dates but if they are filled with pistachios, cashews, lemon and orange peels and then they make a state of art gift. Choose an assorted box and be sure to get your guests ecstatic.

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9. Health Bars

Drop this box of essence bars at the doorstep of the health-conscious people, especially the elders to earn their blessings. A thoughtful and palatial confection. They come in a variety of flavors and price ranges so select the ones that you enjoy.

10. Coffee Beans With Flavors

This is a complementary combination of coffee and beans to give out to your guests. Everyone these days have a taste for coffee and of course the chocolates in flavors like white, milk and dark make it even more exciting!

11. Biscotties

Empyrean dry and crunchy Italian almonds biscuits are perfect and very rare favours that will be a great sweet surprise when they are packed in a glossy colorful wraps.

12. Cookies

The quintessential way to make your dearest feel special by gifting them this magnificently wrapped different flavour salty and sweet cookies in ginger, orange etc is everything.
At Celeste Chocolates, you’ll witness the classiest way of gifting at a memorable event. From wedding favors to a child’s first birthday, the innovative and stylish delicacies served in glorious and elaborate gift packs is what sets them apart.
You can find the store at 48, Meherchand Market , Lodhi Colony, New Delhi 110003
Phone No: +91 11-47559999, Mobile No: +91 9810064545
Website : www. Celestechocolates.com Email: celesteartisan31@gmail.com, info@celestechocolates.com

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