We’ve seen some incredible entry ideas for the Grooms and for the Brides previously on the Shaadiwish Blog. From the groom entering in a tractor to a bride coming down in a hot air balloon. Now, let’s double the fun and make sure that they exit in such grand ways too. Especially because you’ll be  “just married” and the start of the journey should be exciting too! Here are some epic ways to exit with your partner after the wedding!

1. Well, a fascinating boat ride with your better half is one way to make sure there is privacy!  

Image Source: The Wedding Salad on Instagram

2. How about the one where everyone is exploding the confetti cannons around you and you can’t help but smile? A perfect #instashot

Image Source: Ramit Batra Photography on Instagram

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3. A classic Sparklers exit. It just makes for such a beautiful moment, doesn’t it?

Image Source: Cool Bluez Photography on Instagram

4. Look at Dinesh Karthik and his wife shining!

Image Source: Stories by Joseph Radhik on Instagram

5. This one is a fresh and exciting idea for your wedding exit. A jet ski ride is quite an adventurous way of starting the new chapter.

Image Source: Erum Rizvi Weddings on Instagram

6. A quintessential way to exit from your wedding if you are an old school at heart. A floral vintage car with just married plate.

Image Source: Shades Photography on Instagram

7. This one is a cute and fun idea. Before picking her up make sure you do your first couple dance with the lovely wifey.

Image Source: Shades Photgraphy on Instagram

8. This one is a grand exit from your wedding when the band walas form the entourage play the classic romantic song.

Image Source: Dot Dusk on Instagram

9. If you want that royal way of leaving with you hubby then what’s better than existing on a beautifully adorned majestic elephant.

Image Source: Lin & Jirsa Photo Blog

10. This one is a fun one, where the cool groom and the awesome #bridechilla get on a bike with the people showering them with flowers.

Image Source: Sanyasays on Instagram

11. Well this one will take you back to your childhood. Look how cute both of them are looking. Sigh!

Image Source: Bhargav Boppa Photography on Instagram

12. Nothing can be more romantic than your groom picking you up with people watching on, #Bollywood style.

Image Source: Navdeep Soni on Instagram

13. A calm and sophisticated exit with all the people holding a sparkler makes for one stunning photograph.

Image Source: Anokhi Events on Instagram

14. How about this fun filled ride with your partner in a cold pyros rickshaw? A fresh and exciting exit.

Image Source: Vivek Sequeira on Instagram

15. Or maybe this simple yet romantic hand-in-hand wedding exit with the people around you clapping. Just like the movies!

Image Source: Feng Long Photography

16. Wave at everyone while being in a chariot with your beloved while candidly enjoying the attention and regal feeling you are getting.

Image Source: Rahul Tilokani

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