Someone has rightly said, “All that matters is a connection with that special someone, the sparks fly and before you know it, you’re falling for that person, especially when you least expect it.”
This is exactly how I like to describe our love story. The chutzpah, the magic and the love has brought us to this moment, and I am happily sharing with you the changes that this new journey comes along with. The journey called marriage.
Time flies so fast, It feels like just a few days ago I was planning the biggest day of my life, but it has already been 8 months of me being married.
Ranvir* was my father’s childhood friend’s son. We met in an arranged set up this time, to see if we were compatible with each other. The last few times that I had met him, I would call him Bhaiya because he was six years older than me. I had never thought in my wildest dreams, that I would be seeing him in a new light, at the Rishta meeting.
Honestly, I was unsure about the meeting, because I didn’t ever think about him as “husband material”. Though, I was always excited to get married and had agreed to go with my parent’s choice for my life partner but of course, I wanted to be equally happy too.
Most of my married friends told me that the first year of marriage is the “honeymoon phase”, but for me it turned out to be the most challenging phase. Ranvir and I have very different personalities. He is a practical person, I am emotional. He has a disciplined routine and I like to lead a very active social life.

If you ask me, I wouldn’t be able to say whether I love being married or not, but this marriage has brought a lot of changes and I am glad to say that I am enjoying the unexpected things that have come along with it. I have realized my weaknesses and have got a chance to improve upon it and become a better person.
My husband and I have experienced a lot of different emotions and situations together and every time we overcome it, we’ve become closer. He is a complete homebody and I learnt how to make different cuisines so that we can enjoy our time together at home. I started enjoying taking care of the house and adding my personal touch to it.  I liked putting in efforts in the little things for him.
My husband was mature to understand the reality of marriage, but it took me longer to accept the newness. We understand that we are different from each other and we work towards making that extra effort.
He started going out for movies with me, I started waking up early with him. After 8 months of being married, I can tell you that every relationship comes with it’s own limitations but if you look out for each other and want to make each happy, it becomes a smooth ride.

My parents decision was correct for me, and I am glad to say that I share my life with Ranvir. We respect each other’s opinions and love each other a lot. Even though we fight with each other often, making up is always the best part. We make plans on Saturdays and look forward to staying home on Sundays to spend time with family.
So here’s to surviving all the tough times, from being strangers to the not-so-perfect married couple, from having our own shares of ups and downs. I look forward to creating infinite memories with the man I can finally say that I have fallen in love with.
*Names changes for privacy.
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