From getting your own caricatures to unusual shapes and designs, wedding invitation cards are taking a edgy turn this year. E-invites and Whatsapp invites are the real deal these days with GIFs becoming popular too. We’re taking inspirations from International artists and making our wedding invitations more quirky and painting-like. Here are some of the most happening ones for you to select from if you are a 2017-18 couple!

1. POP-UP boxes!

Image Source: Atma Studios

This latest style is totally inspired by the greeting cards we’d give one another when we were younger. The pop up boxes would fascinate us and we’d keep opening and shutting the card for entertainment. It’s making a major comeback so you can let your guests be mesmerized too.

2. Block Prints In White!

Image Source: Sam Jusaitis

Natural wooden based invites embossed with block printed typography is both elegant and native. Also, the use of white text in cards is becoming increasingly popular. Get block printed elements into your card for a fresh feel.

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3. A Board Game?

Image Source: Pink Whistle Man

Keep your guests busy with some fun game-oriented invites. It’s not only relatable but also makes for a good memoir. Something certainly, people won’t throw away. Try Monopoly, Playing Cards or even Poker for the invites.

4. Reflection Of The Finest Fabrics!

Image Source: Deepthi Radhakrishnan

Inspired by rich Kanjeevarams and silks, this card translates traditional flora motifs in such beautiful manner into the card, you can feel the luxurious textures of the fabrics. Think about other embroideries like Phulkari, Kadwa Kaam, Mukaish into your cards.

5. A VIP Pass For The Grand Show!

Image Source: The Great Gowda Maduve

For the couple who loves to add a little humor into their wedding, a pass that comes with instructions that’ll make the guest laugh and yet remember for a long long time. It also comes with a bar code, some terms and conditions and the other formal details to this red carpet event.

6. Traditional Art In Modern Times.

Image Source: Design Dimensions

Madhubani art + Hinglish and animated figurines, definitely makes for a trendy invite. Bringing back the traditional Kalamkari, Warli and Madhubani art in cards is totally upstream at the moment.

7. Some Comic Strip Fun!

Image Source: Kalakari By Dishant

Convert your handmade stick figures into a card. Easy-peasy. Add on a caricature or a sketch of you both and you’ve got one fun invite ready. The little speech bubbles add the perfect personal touch.

8. Gold Foil In New Shapes!

Image Source: Kimya Gandhi Invitations

Choose deep colors like magenta and emerald green and get it embossed with rich gold for a grandeur feel. The gold foil technique is in sync with this season’s trend for liquid gold look. Pick a circular shape for a different shape.

9. Watercolor Beauty!

Image Source: Design Dimensions

Water colors in multiple hues surely look pretty. Especially if you’re able to create a beautiful story along with it. This one is for the couple, who is inspired by paintings and would love to showcase this at their wedding.

10. Spin The Wheel!

Image Source: Mekala Murali

An interactive card that let’s your guests go beyond just taking it out of the envelope. This one, you need to spin to know the details of the wedding. It’s surely a fun way to invite the guests and give them something more to explore.

11. Laser Cut Designs With Ethnic Motifs

Image Source: White Mirage Invitations

Lotus flowers are deeply enrooted in our traditions and giving the lustrous gold touch to it seems ideal for the occasion. The layers of flowers makes a good cover for this beautiful wedding card.

12. A Beautiful Passport!

Image Source: Po Tweet Invitations

We’ve all seen passports as wedding invites but this one is a gorgeous one! With every tiny details personalised as per the couple, the cover looks exactly like a passport. Talking about invitations that is for the jet-setter.  

13. Tanjore Inspired E-Invite!

Image Source: SCD Balaji

Giving it that exotic gold finish, this Tanjore painting inspired E-Invite not only looks bright but looks glorious too! We particularly love the vibrancy and detailing in this one. It’s a fresh take on the gods and goddesses in Indian mythology.

14. Black & White Chalk Art!

Image Source: Shruti Patil

Chalk art is becoming more and more popular by the day. From signages to cute little quotes, these are the newest art on the block. Given that monochrome is also in, this save the date card is the latest fad.

15. All In A Book!

Image Source: Ravish Kapoor Invitations

A millennial book with details of your wedding just like it is in an epic. The holy book inspired invite is for the couple who wants to share a little more than just the invites with the guests. Pure magic.

16. Vibrant To the T!

Image Source: Maheshwari Janarthanan

We all love to add that extra splash of colors in our lives. This illustrated card is just for your kaleidoscopic soul. It’ll make every receiver smile too. You can imbibe your love story in the most romantic and adorable way.

17. Like A Storybook!

Image Source: Sreetama Ray

Tell your story in the most vivid way, this is the couple’s actual wedding reception venue where the tree is located. The food looks good and the couple content. If this is what you are looking then we’ll tell you – that it’s definitely in.

18. POP + Doodle Art!

Image Source: Wedding Kards

Just all elements that make the eyes pop. Doodle your way through the card and give it that extra love in form of kitsch elements. It really is a fun way of celebrating this joyous event with everyone.  

19. Social Media Frenzy!

Image Source: RAW Invites

We live in a world where status updates happen before even the actual event. So this one is for all those couples who’d love to make their wedding invite keeping this “social” spirit in mind. The #instaready couples.

20. GIFs That Say It All!

Image Source: Jyothi Puthran

Why not a whatsapp invite that dances and makes people smile. GIFs are the new way of inviting guests to a wedding. Send it in email, messages and videos. A fun way to tell the world that you’re getting married!

21. Classic Ivory, Gold & Pastels

Image Source: EDC.Co on Instagram

For the ones who love everything classy and timeliness. This delicate cut gold sheet along with the ivory and the impressions of the god makes it one perfect match for the divine matrimony. This will always be special.

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