The most exciting place at the wedding? Of course, the BAR. You’ll find everyone gathered around this attractive spot. Conversations begin here and end here too. Want to give your guests something more to notice while they are around? Emphasize on the bar set up. From a beach bar to a glamorous one at a hotel banquet, here are a few ideas on how to make this lively zone even more extraordinary.

1. The is one classical set up with red drapes and the emblazoned lotus pattern in a long form, ideal for evening functions.

Image Source: Rohit Bal Luxury Weddings

2. An impactful set up during the Reception dinner with an obvious BAR signage that light up along with the green foliage at the back, what a grand entrance.

Image Source: Bougainvilla Design

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3. How about this smooth and zippy decor with the bottles on display, canopies at the sitting area and suspended lanterns for a beach bar?

Image Source: Ramit Batra Photography

4. This is one classic “Sharaab ka theka” beautified with colorful paper pinwheels and genda ke phool drape as the backdrop.

Image Source: Luxmi Digital Studios

5. Give a disco feel to your cocktail ceremony with this tiered chandelier in the center of the drapes and 3D shaped bar table.

Image Source: Rohit Bal Luxury Weddings

6. Horn-Please truck cutout as a bar and the bollywood posters in the background is excellent for your filmy wedding!

Image Source: Rani Pink Love

7. This dreamy bar with festoons of hanging sequins, bulbs and a light up love sign on the wall is a perfect way to ignite some fire in your party.

Image Source: Rani Pink Love

8. This wonderful bar decor is inspired by The Great Gatsby theme. The enormous house of cards on the bar table surrounded by oval shaped lanterns looks fantastic.

Image Source: Ramit Batra Photography

9. A jhattak decked up truck as a bar with wacky desi lines and quirky pictures is an ultimate “Punjabi” theme decor.

Image Source: Exquisit Events on Instagram

10. This simple yet trendy illuminated lotus and floral vases along with the glitzy suspensions is for an elegant function.

Image Source: Rohit Bal Luxury Wedding

11. This cute bar decor is for your mehendi ceremony. The tassels, the sign and cute frames gives it that personalized feel.

Image Source: Renee Hollingshead

12. The perfect Margarita bar for your open house functions. Rope of embroidered handkerchiefs and the sliced lemons on the table set the mood just right.

Image Source: Pinkboxe on Instagram

13. This one is a creative theme. The discs glued on the front part of the bar table and the red drapes with the “Maikhana” written on it, giving us the Sangeet vibe.

Image Source: Clique Events

14. This fresh draped beauty is for an outdoor function. The bar area is surrounded by sheer drapes like a poster bed with chandelier, golden globes and trail of leaves.

Image Source: Altair

15. Make your home terrace sundowner a beautiful one with the foliage and fruits arch and the sign that’s make this place glow!

Image Source: Altair

16. A quaint open bar theme for your evening Reception. Adorable lights, small lanterns and cushions places nicely to make this one appealing spot.

Image Source: F5 Weddings
Feature Image: Badal Raja Jain Photography

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