These days Pre-wedding shoots have become quite the big deal. It’s actually the only time where you get to capture memories of both of you together in the most raw essence. Now, even though you might be a little apprehensive about it, and wondering whether it’s really needed, you should know that a pre-wedding shoot is a beautiful way to start the journey of your relationship. You can choose to be creative, pick fancy locations and think of ideas that are out of the box for this shoot. Here are some important questions you should ask your photographer in regard to this special pre-wedding shoot.
*After identifying the photographer that suits your personality, you may want to meet him/her in person before finalizing everything.

1. What is the your recommendation for the theme of the pre-wedding shoot?

Share your story, explain the whole idea you had in mind to the photographer and then let him/her give you a few options on where you could do the shoot. It’s extremely important that the photographer understands your needs and suggests themes/locations accordingly. This also ensures that you are comfortable in front of the camera when the day arrives!

2. Along with photography, will you be able to also make a pre-wedding video?

Some people prefer stills, yet some prefer a shot 5-6 minutes video that show the moments of happiness between the couple. Select a photographer on the basis of what you are looking for. Sometimes, cinematographers don’t undertake still photography but we recommend you find someone who can deliver both to make it easier to manage. Check out our most preferred vendors here. 

3. Can we see your past work ?

Weddings and pre-weddings, both have very different concepts, thus it’s imperative that you browse through the work the photographer has done in this space. The past experience will ensure that you get a unique and interesting result in forms of videos/photographs.

4. What is the procedure of finalizing the location?

This entirely depends on whether you are hiring a indoor studio or prefer to travel to another place to get the right pictures. Both of these have a lot of logistics involved and needs to be discussed openly. The photographer will definitely have suggestions that are logically more sound keeping in mind the lighting, weather, accessibility etc.

5. What all arrangement do I have to make?

Besides the location, understand what all props and stuff you need to carry by yourself. Most importantly if there are certain frames that have been discussed previously, make sure that the subsequent prop has been arranged for it. An umbrella to a car even, it all needs to be organised. 

6. What makeup and wardrobe style do you recommend?

Make sure to do a little shopping specifically for this shoot. You don’t want a brilliant location, amazing photographer and then not wear clothes that suit the concept. Ask him/her for their suggestion so you can make sure that the makeup artist comes along for the shoot to do touch ups and you have space to change into an extra outfit too.

7. What will be the overall fees and the overtime rates as well?

Depending on what has been committed in terms of number of pictures and time, make sure to have a full fledged discussion about this in advance. Sometimes getting the desire pose may take longer than estimated and sometimes capturing the candid moments can take a while too.

8. Will you be able to show us reference frames for what you have in mind for the concept?

From his own past work or work of any other photographers that they could recommend so you get an idea of the type of posing you need to do on the main day. This will also help us imagine the picture and arrange the outfits accordingly and keep you at ease.

9. Do you have a backup just in case plan A fails?

If you have decided a location for your shoot that might be prone to weather changes then your photographer should have a backup plan. Ask him/her to ensure that he has organized a wedding photography studio under circumstances like these. Be prepared in advance.

All Images: Pixabay, Pexels

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