From precious family heirlooms, that you have seen since you were a child to inspiration boards on Pinterest that are filled with exquisite  jewellery designs you spotted somewhere, your penchant for glittering jewels knows no boundaries.
We all love to look at gorgeous ornaments and we’d love own them all too. That may not always be possible and you’ve got to select and choose from a wide variety for yourself.
While going to purchase some new jewellery for the trousseau, besides the heavy bridal jewellery that you are planning to buy, you may want to quickly go through these helpful pointers coming from an avid jewellery designer itself.

1. Buy a variety of jewellery styles.

From South Indian temple sets, Kundan rani haars, Polki chokers to contemporary diamond necklaces.
The key is to have different styles in your collection so you can match them with different outfits!

Image Source: Indian Fashion Hub on Instagram

2. Try not repeat purchasing the kind of jewellery that you already own.

If you already have a polki set, go for a precious stone instead or vice-versa. This way you’ll create a range.

Image Source: Anmol Jewellers on Instagram

3. Indulge in both traditional and modern styles!  

With time, the designs and fashion evolve. Though, traditional jewellery will always remain sacrosanct, it’s also exciting to try a new design that you spotted in the latest edition of Vogue.

Image Source: Morvi Images On Instagram

4. Make precious stones a part of your trousseau!

Besides polki and diamonds, also invest in rubies, emeralds and sapphires. These timeless stones will only increase in value with time and will never go out of fashion!

Image Source: Kainoor Kreations on Instagram

5. Buying a Navrattan set, or a multi-colored stones set make be a wise idea!

Since, it can be matched with all kinds of outfits, this is a sensible choice and will be super easy to coordinate with.

Image Source: Sabyasachi Official on Instagram

6. Spend more time on jewellery shopping than clothes, in fact don’t hesitate buying jewellery much more before you select the clothes!

This is a huge transaction and a lifetime asset, so start building this collection way before. (Our mothers weren’t wrong when they started collecting jewellery for us way before!)

Image Source: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

7. Always remember, Vintage Jewellery is always beautiful!

The history behind the jewellery makes it even more special and more charming than new age designs and sparkles.

Image Source: Shaadiwish Originals

8. Before heading out, don’t forget to look at the family heirlooms!

If there is anything that is being passed on, study the pieces and see if you can create more complimentary pieces along with those.
For your ancestral kada, get a matching ring made or found one piece of earring, convert it into a mangtika or a pendant.

Image Source: Arjun Mahajan.

9. Pick up a few statement pieces!

A couple of cocktail rings, some drop earrings and large studs along with pearl chains, simple bracelets and a few brooches and watches too!
This is the jewellery you’ll be able to match with your western outfits more frequently compared to the other heavier stuff.  

Image Source: Vaitaanika on Instagram

10. Make at least 80% of your jewellery in gold!

If you understand the “resale value” of gold, you’ll know why we had to put this point out here.

Image Source: Aman Gera Photography

Featured Image: Anupa Shah Photography
Contributed by Ageerika Hari, Creative Head at Vaitaanika, a brand that believes in individuality and is a reflection of pure work of love and labor. Ageerika’s design philosophy is intimate and every piece that she creates has a story behind it making it even more special.
You can see some of her beautiful work here, or visit the flagship store in Shahpur Jat, New Delhi.   

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