The grooms these days don’t shy away from trying dramatic methods of entering in their baraat. After all, it’s the most exciting part of the wedding for the groom squad. Going to bring his bride in style is just another way of expressing his happiness on this joyous day! We have got a list of the really impressive grooms whose baraat entries were just to amazing

Check out the list of really impressive baraat entries listed right here for you.

1. On his big day even his friends cannot hold back their excitement while being drenched in happy spirits!

baraat entries

Image Source: WeddingNama

2. Because we are totally desi like that! Oh, how amazing it is to arrive on a glitzy truck and have everyone’s eyes on you.

groom entry in desi style

Image Source: The Creative Lens

3. Coming on a white horse is passe. Make a grand entry on a majestic elephant while looking like royalty.

groom entry

Image Source: Momente Wedding Planners

groom entry, baraat entries

Image Source: Picture Art Company

4. A swanky red vintage car is a perfect arrival vehicle for the classy groom.

red vintage car

Image Source: Chehalpehal

5. Coming in a jeep will give you the most “Dilliwala” feel on your big day. Two reasons to be happy!

groom entry

 Image Source: Dilliwale weddings

6. The most chill yet fancy way to arrive in a colorful open carriage, this groom surely nailed the larger than life approach.

baraat entries

Image Source: Michael Studio

7. This is one incredible and princely entry for the groom. Just look at his entourage.

Image Source : Dotdusk Studios

8. Even Karan Singh Grover tried something unconventional for this wedding with Bipasha. Arriving on a segway seemed ideal.

groom entry

Image Source: The Wedding Story Films

9. Because Jai and Veeru are inseparable. Tip: After the ceremony, Hop on with your dear bride and drive away!

baraat entries

Image Source: Frames ‘n’ Films

10. Come vroomin’ in sitting on your favorite bike all the way to your venue like a true rockstar.

groom on bike

Image Source: Vikram Arora Photography

11. This groom is savouring the taste of Indian culture beautifully.

groom entry

Image Source:

12. Prince and the King in a floral vintage car. This is refreshing!

Ideas for Baraat Entries

Image Source: Shweta Poddar Photography

13. The groom looks serene with a blissful bright smile on his chariot.

groom entry

Image Source: Wedding Twinkles Photography

14. Jack is coming for his Rose. This one is an extraordinary entry worthy of attention.

groom entry

Image Source: R2S Events and Entertainment

15. Who cares about the old school arrival when you are this joyful!

Baraat Entries

Image Source: Photo Tantra

16. Choose a Harley, Yamaha, or a Royal Enfield for your cool superbike entry.

groom entry ideas

Image Source: Siddharth wedding and event photography

17. Make some noise for the desi boyz!

Baraat Entry ideas

Image Source: DreamWeavers

18. Driving in on a monster truck?! It could not get any more adventurous.

groom squad

Image Source: Morvi Images

19. What a glorious entry on a lavish white Rath.

groom entry

Image Source: DreamDiaries

20. A decked up truck emblazoned with lights. Groovy!

Baraat Entry ideas

Image Source: Memories By Rahul Prakash Tilokani

21. We are sure the guests (and the people on the road) must have paused when the groom arrived on a tractor.

Baraat Entries

Image Source: Sidd Rishi

22. The vintage car makes every moment picture-perfect beautiful.

Groom entry Idea

Image Source: Fotografia9_india

23. The groom and his buddies know how to have a blast flaunting their rocking dance moves.

Groom entry idea

Image Source: Popcorn studios

24. Your highness arriving at the venue surrounded by Roman guards and all the jazz, perfect for his grandeur entry.

Baraat Entries

Image Source: Neha Brackstone

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