We love to make merry, dance & sing whenever we get the opportunity to celebrate, and weddings are the times that these feelings become even more heightened.
The excitement to dance on a new song from a Bollywood movie is unparalleled, especially when it’s that song that get’s your feet moving at the first beat itself!
Go Pagal does that you! The riot of colours, the crazy dance moves and all that festivity, we couldn’t help but imagine ourselves freaking out on the dance floor hearing this number.
To add to the endless lists of songs to dance on at the Sangeet, this one is also ideal for Holi! Though Holi is still far away, we’re already going pagal dancing to this song.
Jolly LLB, the movie first left us in splits, then surprised us with the good acting and the climax. The trailer for Jolly LLB 2 definitely looks promising and we cannot wait for Akshay & Huma to create their magic on screen!

Until the movie releases in mid February, make sure to tell the DJ wale babu to play this for you and get ready to rock the dance floor!

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