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  Sakshi 4.0

 Jul 04, 2018

Thank you tons for making my wedding special by doing my Mehandi.

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About Raju Mehandi Wala

Mehandi is a traditional art form which stems from ancient times within the Indian and Arabian sub-continents, recognised as an instrument of adornment for women and men which dates back to almost 5000 years. Some believe it spurs from North Africa, others believe from India, yet both have imprinted their style for generations to follow. Mehandi is a beautiful art form and can be transpired through many different designs, an art form for many different cultures. With the intricate flow of tribal Indian Henna, to the bold floral effervescent Arabian designs, it has been passed down from centuries to the modern depictions today. Different cultures have different perspectives; the ancient Egyptians used it for mummification purposes, whereas in the Indian culture it stems from the Hindu Goddess Asha (Goddess of Dawn), who wore it for beauty. It also has strong links within the religion of Islam, as Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) used Mehandi as a dye for his beard and said women should wear it to beautify themselves therefore it is encouraged to be worn within the religion. Most brides from Indian, Pakistani, Arabic and African cultures wear Mehandi for their wedding days and is considered to be fortunate for the bride to wear as it highlights to everyone that she is the bride...and hers will usually be the most detailed and beautiful in comparison to all the other girls.

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