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About Our Wedding Diary - Cinematic Wedding Films

Imagine if the special moments of your wedding day were captured in a high-definition, crisp video that equals the picture quality of a feature-film? At OUR WEDDING DIARY, our cinematographers do exactly that. We shoot all footage on super-high definition (HD) cameras with special lenses and equipment that almost rival a big budget feature-film unit.

types of events

bachelor/hen parties, engagement, sangeet/ cocktail, mehendi, reception, theme parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, special events, corporate events, wedding

types of videography

documentary, traditional videography, storytelling, cinematography, contemporary

equipment used

drones, hd cameras, slow motion cameras, high speed cameras, railing tracks, lighting

types of services

pre wedding shoots
  • Starting Price : 15000

candid personalized wedding videos
  • Starting Price : 30000

ceremony coverage
  • Starting Price : 50000

others services
  • Starting Price : 10000

cinematic film
  • Starting Price : 30000

full video
  • Starting Price : 50000

highlights video
  • Starting Price : 30000

  • Starting Price : 15000

wedding film
  • Starting Price : 30000

save the date video
  • Starting Price : 5000

teaser video
  • Starting Price : 10000

other deliverable
  • Starting Price : 10000

budget range per day


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