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T H E B R A N D S T O R Y The story of style, craftsmanship and history weaved together to form an art piece. Curated in the very place where art effortlessly meets artists, where latest trends mix with ancient patterns, where tradition and modernity go hand in hand. Presenting an essential men’s fashion accessory in its most luxurious avatar. We aim to redefine this classic essential, by pushing the boundaries of the very definition of classic. With the most premium zari (thread), uniquely combined design aesthetics, world-class craftsmanship and uniqueness to you, we endeavor to establish and instant connection between our pocket square and its wearer. We believe that the value of any product is created in the market when the creator believes in its worth, which is why, every pocket square produced is a reflection of our weaver’s vision and idea of how beauty can be put in a piece of cloth. T H E B R A N D P H I L O S O P H Y Creating art with every weave. T H E P O C K E T S Q U A R E S The intricate weave of the best quality cloth, the rich historical banarasi finish, and the ultimate luxurious suchi (gold) zari come together as a symphony in our pocket squares. Our weavers possess world-class handloom techniques passed on to them through generations. The unique (double-roll) approach to hand-rolling brings out a nice plump finish, a thicker roll, a firmer shape and opens up new possibilities for wearing the pocket square in new styles and shapes, therefore no two pieces are alike. Like each wearer, each pocket square has its individual character, which personifies this art. So whether you captivate the audience in a boardroom or at a social affair, your Goulian Finch announces in an unruffled, crisp and bold note that ‘you have arrived’.

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