While the market is filled with designer brands, there are only a handful of labels who truly stand out for being one-of-a-kind! One such brand that ShaadiWish wants every modern bride-to-be to keep an eye on is Moledro. No matter what trend or style that you wish to have, this label makes sure that it brings you a polished version of the same. Trust us, with every new fashion trend, Moledro only upgrades itself to create a niche place in the market. Their handcrafted couture consists of bridal wear and ethnic wear outfits that drip luxury and regal-ness. Let’s dive in to check out everything about Moledro that is sure to make you fall in love with this label – instantly!

Brides Of 2024, Modernism Is The New Wedding Fashion Anthem For The Season:

Explore The Latest Modern Ethnic Wear Of Moledro

Stepping into the world where modern interpretations of craftsmanship meets the new-age silhouettes. Moledro is a luxury couture label based in Shahpur Jat, Delhi, has everything from fusion wear, ethnic wear, and contemporary outfits to complete your wedding and festive wardrobe.

The brand curates fashionable and in-trend silhouettes that are a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary world. Made to honor the traditional charm of handcrafted artisanal skills, this brand offers an extensive range of modern ethnic wear that suits every occasion.

Experience Luxury Couture With The Handcrafted Bridal Wear From Moledro

The concept of craftsmanship at Moledro atelier breathes new life into the traditional wears by seamlessly blending heritage which resonates with the rich crafts, cultural heritage, and embroidery traditions of India with modern aesthetics of the era. Be it a traditional or a modern-age woman, Moledro knows how to bring you the best of both worlds with elegance and panache.

Experience Luxury Couture With The Handcrafted Bridal Wear From Moledro

To amp up the upcoming celebrations with collections that will truly be trend-setters for 2024, Moledro’s latest – Firdaus & Fitoor are simply exceptional! Let’s delve more into them –

Moledro’s Latest Firdaus Collection Drips Refreshing Hues & Exquisite Silhouette

Firdaus ~ A Floral Bloom

Moledro’s FW23 collection, “Firdaus” is the perfect example of how an outfit can brighten your day and your wardrobe. Capturing the enchanting allure and beauty of blooms, the collection takes inspiration from the lush flora of paradisal landscapes and unbridled nature. In fact, the color palette ranges from muted hues of blue, pink, peach, and golden, playing with vivid elements of nature. Perfect to add that oomph factor on all your special occasions, the collection makes you mesmerized. 

When it comes to embellishments, Firdaus features exquisite floral applique work that are highlighted in gold foil. It boasts the beautiful textural embroideries and accentuates the ethnic wear further. The delicate yet striking floral applique work adorns the ethereal pastel-hued couture bridal wear, creating a mesmerizing blend of tradition and modern elegance.

These exquisite designer modern wedding wears, adorned with meticulously placed floral details, offer a refreshing and graceful aesthetic for brides seeking a timeless yet contemporary look. The soft pastel tones further enhance the femininity of the attire, making it a popular choice for those desiring a dreamy and sophisticated wedding ensemble. Embodying charm and sophistication, these lehengas are a perfect choice for brides who appreciate the beauty of floral-inspired craftsmanship for their wedding soirees.

Experience Luxury Couture With The Handcrafted Bridal Wear From Moledro

Experience Luxury Couture With The Handcrafted Bridal Wear From Moledro

Also, this gorgeous ethnic wear range from Moledro will leave you mesmerized

New Narratives Of Traditional Silhouettes For 2024 Celebrations | Modern Fusion Wear

Fitoor ~ A Scarlet Love Letter

Celebrating the color of romance and love, Moledro’s latest capsule, “Fitoor” is an irresistible and mystical collection. Drenched in the deep crimson red hues, the collection screams with the beauty of sensual modern romance and unfiltered sparks of drama with a hint of shimmer. Inspired by the celestial beauty of wilderness, the collection showcases symbols of love, via motifs of canopy of stars and mystical creatures. Intricate floral patterns combined with textured embroidery create a magical wonderland.

The latest assortment is all about celebrating mysterious aspects of love. Perfect for pre-wedding soirees and festivities, you will find some impeccable new-age silhouettes in this range. The designs blend traditional styles with modern looks, bringing a touch of iconic glamor to your wardrobe.

The bold hue adds a touch of passion and drama to the contemporary designs, creating a statement for the modern bride. Embracing sleek lines and fluid fabrics, the silhouettes perfectly balance tradition with a bold and glamorous aesthetic. The rich crimson tone with its a captivating factor would definitely become “the” choice for all the brides who are seeking a chic and passionate bridal look.

Experience Luxury Couture With The Handcrafted Bridal Wear From Moledro

Experience Luxury Couture With The Handcrafted Bridal Wear From Moledro

Moledro’s bridal couture epitomizes opulence and sophistication, featuring exquisite craftsmanship and premium materials, their intricately designed ensembles showcase meticulous detailing, from hand-embroidered patterns to lavish embellishments, creating a timeless bridal look. With attention to every nuance, these outfits redefine elegance, offering brides a stunning and unforgettable statement on their special day.

Visit Moledro’s flagship store, situated in Shahpur Jat, known for its budget-friendly designer options, or explore their website to discover a stunning collection of exquisite outfits!

Price Point: Range starts from INR 25,000 and goes up to INR 3,00,000.

The brand ships across India and worldwide. Also, to get some discounts, keep checking out their website for best offers to save big on your pick, or you can even subscribe to their newsletter to get updates on any exclusive special deals.

To check out their latest collection, visit their store, website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Store Address: 42, Ground Floor, Fashion Street, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi – 110049.

Contact: +919311286729

Also, here’s a glimpse of how Moledro’s collection is the perfect blend of modern and traditional wear.

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