The Koffee couch is brewing with some more drama and gossip from the Bollywood world. This time around, the Koffee With Karan season 8 episode 4 had Kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt on the couch. And thanks to Karan Johar, the two spilled some fun things on the Koffee With Karan Kouch. They two discussed everything from their obsession with their kids, jealousy factor in the Bollywood industry, to even the whole ‘Lipstickgate’ fiasco with Ranbir Kapoor.

Here Are The Highlights From Koffee With Karan Episode Where Kareena Kapoor And Alia Bhatt Spilled Beans:

Here’s What Kareena Kapoor Spilled On Koffee With Karan

Kareena Kapoor was quite fun and candid on the Koffee Kouch and we absolutely love her for that! She revealed quite a few things about her, Saif, and her motherhood. While speaking about Kareena and Saif Ali Khan’s kids – Taimur and Jeh, Karan Johar said that Saif spends more time with Tim, while Kareena enjoys her time with Jeh more. Kareena shared that Tim (Taimur) is a lot quieter, while Jeh is a ‘toofan mail’. Karan Johar also pointed out that Saif was growing up with his kids – Sara and Ibrahim because he was in his 20s and working a lot. He asked Bebo if she thought that he found his footing as a father when Taimur was born. Kareena agreed and said he had more time to spare with Tim and Jeh than he could with Tim and Jeh.

Karan Johar said that he and Kareena are in a WhatsApp group of moms in which he is the silent one and Kareen is the overactive one. He further added that Kareena is always asking about the party and this and that, while he feels pressured to respond and say something to the group. 

Jealousy To Mom-Guilt: Everything Kareena Kapoor & Alia Bhatt Spilled On Koffee With Karan

Kareena revealed that one thing that she is doing right is being in front of the camera and doing her work. The conversation has also revealed that she hasn’t watched any of her films. She added that if she started watching her and judging her skills, it would make her anxious. She said, “I’m a director’s actor,” and Johar made fun of her.

Alia Bhatt Shared Everything From “Toxic Husband” To “Ranbir Kapoor Being Obsessed With Raha”

Alia bhatt addressed quite a few on-going gossips about her and her apparent “toxic husband” that has been making rounds on the internet. She addressed the recent chatter about husband Ranbir Kapoor’s so-called toxic influence on her life. For context, the Internet has built a perception of Ranbir as controlling based on anecdotes shared by Alia which, she said on KWK, were taken “out of context.” The unspoken reference was to a makeup tutorial Alia Bhatt did recently for a leading fashion glossy in which, while demonstrating her lipstick hack, she revealed that Ranbir prefers the way she looks without lipstick and asks her to take it off.

“I’ve been accused of talking too much about Ranbir,” Alia said on Koffee With Karan, prompting host Karan Johar to ask about the recent controversy. “Anything you say about him becomes like a sudden explosion online,” KJo said, adding, “Is it because Ranbir is not on social media?” Kareena Kapoor agreed instantly and so did Alia.

Alia further added that – “I think so. I have a very candid way of speaking and even when I’m talking about something in my life I like to imitate the person I’m talking about, I like to give anecdotes, I like to make it personal and I feel like a lot of the things just get picked out of context. Which happened recently with a video and stuff like that,” Alia Bhatt said. “My team told me yeh kuch out of hand jaa raha hain and I said OK theek hai, jaane do because genuinely people say things all the time. But then I realised there are serious articles talking about how he’s a toxic man and this and that and I’m like are we serious? There are many issues in the world to give more attention toward than something I said in a completely different context. And I feel bad if people misunderstand it because he’s genuinely the opposite of that”.

While speaking about Raha, Alia Bhatt said that she loves to spend time with her daughter. She loves to see her learning and growing around her. Much like every new parent, she indulges with her daughter every morning, talks to her, shares her emotions and says what she wishes for her. Kareena jokingly added that Raha looks a lot like Ranbir, but Alia and Karan Johar agreed that she is a healthy mix of her parents. Alia said that Raha looks a lot like Rishi Kapoor. Taking the conversation further, Karan Johar said that Ranbir is quite obsessed (healthy obsession) with his daughter and that Ranbir did not work for a year so that he could be with his daughter. Alia added that the two of them fight over who gets to play with Raha, and Kareena suggested Alia have another kid so that the two of them can have one each.

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