Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is the talk of the town and is capturing headlines with her recent wedding to the love of her life, Salim Karim. The couple tied the knot in a dreamy ceremony held at Pearl Continental Hotel in Bhurban on October 1, 2023 leaving fans enchanted. However, the actress has now shared a peek at her pre-wedding functions and her bridal looks from the same. Here’s a sneak peek at Mahira Khan’s pre-wedding bridal looks.

In case you missed it, here is Mahira Khan’s bridal look.

Check Out The Mesmerizing Pictures Featuring Mahira Khan’s Pre-Wedding Bridal Looks:

Mahira Khan’s Pre-Wedding Bridal Looks Are Mesmerizing

In an emotional post, Mahira Khan took Instagram to express her deep appreciation for her mother, who, despite being wheelchair-bound, actively participated in overseeing the wedding preparations. She shared a string of beautiful images from her ceremony and penned a heartfelt note dedicated to her mother and friends who organized the Mayun ceremony

Mahira wrote –

“My mother had one wish… to start the wedding with a dua. My beautiful Ama, who is in a wheel chair – one would think she can’t do much – but really, she can do everything and anything. She sat and managed the decoration downstairs, the table, the moving around of furniture anddd she was ready dot on time..  Alhumdulillah for our parents.  Later on that day, my childhood girlfriends had a mayun for me.

Alhumdulillah for friends I can call my sisters.  P.S I took a bud of the motia and put it in my baali before going down.. for my Nani and Dadi.” Mayun is similar to an ubtan or haldi ceremony.

The first few photos showed her in a white and golden suit. She tied her hair in a braid and posed for pictures around the house, on her bed and sitting on a couch, talking to someone. Mahira also wore a garland around her neck in one of the pictures.

Mahira Khan Shares A Peek Of Her Pre-Wedding Bridal Looks Mahira Khan Shares A Peek Of Her Pre-Wedding Bridal Looks Mahira Khan Shares A Peek Of Her Pre-Wedding Bridal Looks Mahira Khan Shares A Peek Of Her Pre-Wedding Bridal Looks

Also, here is the video from Mahira Khan’s wedding day.

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