Whenever a girl thinks of her wedding and her wedding outfit, the first thing that comes to mind is chooda and kaleere. Every bride-to-be loves to flaunt her chooda and kaleere on her D-day, isn’t it? While there are a plethora of shops selling them, not every store out there promises quality for the wedding accessories to last days. When we think of chooda or kaleere shopping in Delhi, it is only Chotteylal & Sons that our mind goes to. This brand has been one of the most sought-after places in Delhi when it comes to shopping for bridal accessories and jewellery. They have been a go-to be for hundreds of brides for decades and always catered them with nothing but the most trending designs, and high-quality products. However, not just bridal accessories or jewellery, Chotteylal & Sons also cater to grooms-to-be when it comes to decking them for their D-day!

Check Out Chotteylal & Sons New Store In Gurugram That Will Leave You Stunned With Their Amazing Collection:

About Chotteylal & Sons

Chotteylal & Sons is not a brand it is a Legacy! The network of customers they have created amongst its audience is beyond any! How often have you heard of grandkids coming to shop their wedding accessories from the same store as their dadi or nani? How often have you heard of a brand that has customers who narrate stories of Choodas that were bought in 1960 and are still sometimes worn on Karwa Chuath? How often have you heard of a brand as the most seamless wedding shopping experience for NRIs because of the amazing product quality, classy designing and on-time delivery? How often have you heard of a brand that is synonymous to what it sells. Ask anyone around, ‘listen where shall I get my Chooda from?’ and the first thing anyone says is Chotteylal? Well try it yourself, ask around and you shall know. For they have catered to more than a million global customers.

Chotteylal & Sons - A Legacy Of 70 Years Now In Gurgaon

What Makes Them The Best In The Business –

  1. Amazing Product Quality
  2. High end finish and detailing
  3. Order Management and Precision
  4. On-time delivery
  5. After delivery service
  6. And the top most they make you a Chotteylal customer for lifetime.

Once a person shops from them, entire family shops from them and for generations.

All About Chotteylal’s New Store in Gurgaon

Chotteylal was launched in 1950 by Mr Chotteylal Khandelwal. The new store in Sec-50 Gurugram is a state-of-art store where every wedding accessory can be bought. All bride and groom items as per ceremonies can be found there – Chooda ceremony, Kaliras, Jewellery, Phere items, Haldi/ Mehendi Items, Barat Gift Items, Groom Items, etc. You name it, they have it. The plethora of designs they do in each category is commendable. They always have something new. Love something on Pinterest? Well, chances are they have it! Want something customised that you saw on a friend? Fret not! They can totally make it. Whatever a wedding needs, whatever a bride desires, they have it all and can make it all.

All their bestseller designs can now also be shopped from their website. They have created a seamless shopping experience there for all of their global customers. Be rest assured that they have the World’s purest, smoothest & softest choodas!

Chotteylal & Sons became a brand owing to its quality of choodas. They were one of the first in the country to make ‘Haathi Daat ka Choodas’ also known as Ivory Choodas. Since that got banned worldwide, they were also one of the first to come up with Shell Pearl Choodas which are made with real pearls. Only someone who sees those Choodas in person can understand the difference it has with other choodas. It makes you forget any other chooda you have seen anywhere else. Each bangle is handmade and is so soft, rich and classy, you will have your heart set on it. And it is not only the look and feel, it has all the properties of pearls which brings a lot of peace, happiness and prosperity to newlyweds. Of course, best things come at a price!

Chotteylal & Sons - A Legacy Of 70 Years Now In Gurgaon

They also have a range of semi shell pearl choodas which come in a variety of colors, designs and sizes that start from INR 5,000. All their choodas are 100% custom made.

Their kaliras can also be customized in entirety as per bride’s wishes. They have kaliras for all range types, collection that starts from INR 1,500 and goes on till INR 2,5000. They are also market leaders in Jhadne Vala Kaliras, which is showered on all bridesmaids. Range of which starts from INR 150.

Range of chooda covers start from INR 275 and go till INR 2,500 and customized boxes for jewellery, chooda, bangles, lehenga starts from INR 950. They have a very colorful range of chooda covers and in-house manufacturing which enables them to create it exactly like the bride wants irrespective of the design.

USP Of Chotteylal & Sons & What Makes Them Worth Picking?

Chotteylal & Sons specialty lies in their exquisite design and creation of chooda and kaleera, two iconic accessories that hold immense significance in Indian weddings. This family venture takes pride in being that one-stop-shop for everything when it comes to jewellery and accessories for brides and grooms. As choodas and kaleeras hold a significant place for every bride-to-be, she wishes to pick nothing but the best and this is where Chotteylal & Sons come in place. They not only understand the importance and emotions of picking a chooda or kaleerein, they also help in ensuring you pick the most unique ones from their range to make every bride feel special on her D-day.

The brand makes sure to go to any end’s meet to make sure their customers get their promised product in time, adhering to the wedding dates or mahurats. From customizing the toughest designs to making sure it reaches your doorstep in time, Chotteylal & Sons take pride in ensuring they never disappoint you! The store certainly is like a one-stop-destination like Chandni Chowk, minus the chaos and hustle.

Moreover, the brand not only makes sure they cater to your needs PAN India, but also ship globally which allows you to get your desired chooda and kaleera – no matter where you are in the world.

PS: Are an international bride and wondering how you can look through their wide range of wedding accessories? Well, fret not! Chotteylal & Sons will ease the process for you as they are just a video call away! Book your appointment and shop from the most stunning range!

They have tons of customers panned out across the globe who simply cannot stop raving about their service and their exceptionally high-quality products.

Chotteylal & Sons - A Legacy Of 70 Years Now In Gurgaon Chotteylal & Sons - A Legacy Of 70 Years Now In Gurgaon Chotteylal & Sons - A Legacy Of 70 Years Now In Gurgaon

Famous Weddings That Chotteylal & Sons Have Been A Part Of:

Thanks to their decades of being the niche in the business, Chotteylal & Sons have been a part of many famous weddings. In fact, they have catered to and are invited to 1000s of weddings annually. Their accessories make it to a bride’s core memory from her wedding day, and the brand takes pride in that!

From selling choodas to women having a same-sex marriage, selling Paasa and Chooda for a Sikh-Hindu wedding, to guiding various brides across the globe on how to surprise their Indian in-laws with the perfect Punjabi accessories on wedding day to win their hearts – the brand make sure they add their magical charm on people’s most important day! They have also catered to influencers on their wedding days. Some of them are – Kamna Arora, Meherunnisa Anand Jaitley, Surbhi Sethi, Simran Dhesi, Mansha Seth Talbot, Rahul & Ishita, and Twinkle Uppal.

Chotteylal & Sons - A Legacy Of 70 Years Now In Gurgaon

Chotteylal & Sons - A Legacy Of 70 Years Now In Gurgaon Chotteylal & Sons - A Legacy Of 70 Years Now In Gurgaon Chotteylal & Sons - A Legacy Of 70 Years Now In Gurgaon

Special Discount For ShaadiWish Readers, Brides & Grooms-To-Be: Chotteylal & Sons’ are offering a whopping 15% discount on the shopping of chooda and kaleera over INR 10,000.

Delivery Details: They deliver PAN India and aim at delivering in maximum 8-10 working days.

Head to their store, or visit their Instagram to shop for their latest collection.

Store Address: Shop 170, Good Earth City Centre, Sector 50, Gurugram, Haryana.

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