No matter how many offbeat hues we spot on brides, the shades of pink will always rule the wedding charts! And with the Barbie movie trending all over the social media, we are sure you have a sudden urge to try a pink bridal outfit for your D-day! Well, we have to agree that there is something so mesmerizing scrolling through pictures of outfits in some breathtaking pink hues. So, be it an intricately embroidered one or a contemporary shimmery design, this wedding season, you are sure to spot brides swearing by a plethora of styles but over a pink color palette!

Check Out These 13 Fabulous Shades Of Pink That Evert Bride Should Consider To Channel Her Inner Barbie:

1.     Berry Pink

Barbie land and berry pink go hand-in-hand! This shade is such a great alternative if you want to ditch red and yet opt for a classic hue. We loved how this bride opted for a modern and chic version and went for a pant-suit in berry pink shade!

Naman Verma

2.     Magenta

The rich magenta hue is that pop pink that will always be a core part of wedding trends. Also, quite popular as Rani Pink, Magenta is such a rich hue that it goes for every bride’s vibe.

13 Shades Of Pink That Will Turn Every Bride Into A Barbie
Baadal Raja Company

3.     Hot Pink

This is the hot and popular Barbie pink that everyone’s going gaga over! Great for an intimate wedding or even post-ritual reception change, as this color adds that vivacious pop that every bride needs.


4.     Fuchsia pink

Fuchsia lehengas are pretty without a doubt- it’s a great colour for any function of the wedding- be it the engagement, mehendi or of course even with the wedding!

13 Shades Of Pink That Will Turn Every Bride Into A Barbie
Rohan Kumar

5.     Neon Pink

If Barbie were to wear a lehenga, we would say it should be this pop neon pink! With the vivid color, and galore of glitz and glam, you are sure to be the star of your day while being remembered for eons of years!

6.     Bubble-Gum Pink

The bubble-gum pink color is that mid-tone of peony pink and bright pink that looks phenomenal without being too dramatic. It has that perfect undertone of subtleness and pop for those who are uncertain if they can pull of a bright pink hue.

13 Shades Of Pink That Will Turn Every Bride Into A Barbie

7.     Flamingo Pink

The gorgeous hue picked from the flamingos are sure to brighten up your D-day! This is a paler version of hot pink and we absolutely love it enough for it be a part of a wedding trend. Isn’t it something you would totally pick for mehendi or other outdoor festivities.

13 Shades Of Pink That Will Turn Every Bride Into A Barbie

8.     Salmon Pink

Salmon is a light pink color with hints of orange. We love this refreshing hue as it is a perfect pick for pre-wedding festivities like haldi or sangeet. This shade of pinkish-orange is absolutely gorgeous and we’re just floored by it!

9.     Ballerina Pink

Often categorized as light pink, this shade – ballerina pink is just as gorgeous as any other subtle pink. Isn’t this hue perfect to slay on sangeet or even for mehendi? We are in awe of this bride’s shimmer-hued lehenga!

13 Shades Of Pink That Will Turn Every Bride Into A Barbie
Baadal Raja Company

10. Baby Pink

One of the popular picks for a toned-down pink is this shade of baby pink. The softness that this color radiates is simply perfect for brides who love a minimalistic style. Isn’t this baby pink lehenga with all-over mirror work stunning?

11. Rose Pink

Muted tone of baby pink is rose pink that is eye-soothing and a great pick amongst pastel hues. Most of the modern brides opt for this hue as it is amongst a trending color of the season.

13 Shades Of Pink That Will Turn Every Bride Into A Barbie
The Photo Diary

12. Blush pink

Blush pink is a soft pale hue that is one of the best picks for those looking for a neutral shade. It is such a pleasant color and is great when you have vivacious wedding backgrounds or want to keep it all in a muted and neutral tone.

13. Rouge Pink

The dusty hue of pink is known as the rouge pink which we are totally obsessed over. We love how gorgeous this muted tone looks. And this bride’s rouge colored lehenga in velvet has bowled us over!

13 Shades Of Pink That Will Turn Every Bride Into A Barbie

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