Designer Sabyasachi always has a huge impact on the ladies with his impeccable outfits. From dreaming of wearing a Sabyasachi lehenga on the D-day, to wanting to own his regal-looking sarees – most women have these on their checklist! But, now adding to the list are some heirloom-worthy Sabyasachi jewellery pieces! Just like his bridal couture lehengas, Sabyasachi’s jewellery pieces are an example of exquisite craftsmanship. His fresh new line of fine jewellery has left us in awe as it consists of unique yet regal-looking designs that are truly worth passing down generations. We picked these 30 exquisite pieces from Sabyasachi jewellery that we think are heirloom worthy, check them out.

These 30 Heritage Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces Are Worth Passing Down Generations As Heirlooms:

Heavy Necklace Pieces From Sabyasachi Jewellery That Are Regal Beyond Words

Oozing the delicate yet rich-feels are these stunning pieces that Sabyasachi has designed with so much precision! Look at the layering style and the detailing in each of the pieces, so chic, isn’t it? Did you spot the Taj Mahal and Bengal Tiger?

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces

Wondering how much does Sabyasachi jewellery costs?

We are stunned at this beautiful picture and the regal-ness dripping from it. The layering of heavy temple necklaces with traditional motifs is something beyond our imagination.  

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces

Taking it up a notch, the kemp chokers with traditional South Indian touch are our favs! Look how regal these look and so versatile too.

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces

Deepika Padukone sported an extensively designed heavy necklace with precious gemstones in different hues. These are so chic and edgy! Perfect with a western outfit and equally regal-looking with a lehenga.

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery PiecesThese Unique Neckpieces Ooze Modern-Day Maharani & Maharaja Vibes!

As much as Sabyasachi jewellery is about traditional designs, they have a charm and edginess that makes you want to try them on instantly. The contemporary designs with multi-hued stones and gems ooze the modern maharani and maharaja vibes and we are sure you will agree!

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces 30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces

These have such a 1950s charm, isn’t it?

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces

Also, we spotted some real brides wearing Sabyasachi jewellery on their wedding day.

We are in love with this statement piece that can make every Sabyasachi jewellery go gaga over it! The royal green crystal beads and the massive statement-making pendant has a piece of our hearts.

Not stopping at just the maharanis. These men slaying a chic maharaja look has left us in awe! look at how exquisite and majestic each of these necklaces are!

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces 30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces

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Sabyasachi Surely Creates Some Dreamlike Earring Designs

Make a statement with these stunning stone studded dangler earrings. Versatile and perfect for every occasion, this is one of those fashion-forward and timeless pieces of jewellery that Sabyasachi created.

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces

The ace designer left no stone unturned when he designed earrings for his collection. Look at these charming chandelier earrings that ooze the Mughal-era vibes.

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces

Also, here are some trending and gorgeous pastel earrings for brides.

The amazing thing about Sabyasachi are the little details. These earrings too feature tiny details of traditional royalty that represents India. The Bengal tiger motifs on these earrings are so impressive and will stay relevant decades from now!

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces

Also, here is all about Sabyasachi Bengal tiger intimate jewellery collection.

Adorn Your Wrists With Exquisite Heritage Bangles And Kadas

The Sabyasachi jewellery heritage bangles and kadas are something that will surely grab your attention. These stack of bangles and kadas are so chic and edgy that they are never going out of style, don’t you agree?

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces

When it comes to traditional bangles and kadas, no one can surpass the charm and heritage that Sabyasachi manages to feature through his designs. These gorgeous heirloom-worthy Sabyasachi bangles and kadas are proof that you can pass down these jewellery pieces from one generation to the other.

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces

Sabyasachi Rings That Make Bolder Statement

Bold statement rings is yet another jewellery that Sabyasachi has left us awestruck about. With traditional designs studded with polkis and diamonds, these surely are head-turners, don’t you agree?

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces

Want something non-traditional and chic? Then Sabyasachi has you sorted for the same too! Look at these edgy designs and motifs on the statement rings.

30 Heirloom-Worthy Sabyasachi Jewellery Pieces

Also, take a look at the Sabyasachi intimate fine jewellery collection.

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